channel 4 news tonight 11/6 @11pm v. drama for my dad

yeah so there was some shit goin down with a neighbor of ours. it has been a sleeping beast for 15 years and just recently my dad had about enough.

argument turns into pissing match turns into my dad called the news and is now trying to uncover some conspiracy with the state DEC office.

ugh…talk about choosing your battles.

i wont say anything more till after the report from luke morretti…draw your own conclusions and i will give some more details after if you want the drama.

WTF, I can’t wait to see this.

yikes, good luck

my preliminary guess is State DEC> your dad.

oooh drama is unfolding in orchard park, too bad 11pm is past my bedtime

omg bull shit.

i cant see the buffalo news.

cliffs to PM please!

Someone tape it and youtube, GO!

Not when the mighty Luke Morretti is involved. He has almost as much power as Al Vaughters!

Seriously though Joe, good luck.

not in OP, at our shop in buffalo.

Other way… DEC > the neighbor…

Let us know how it goes Joe.

This sounds sweet, any info leading up to this or what, what are we looking forward to

yeah i gots no buffalo tv

is this about that yellow smoke?

ohh shop drama, i guess I have to wait till tomorrow to see whats up

i will dvr this tonight…but i have no savvy on how to get it hosted or even in a format on my computer. maybe someone else can help out with that…

like i said to everyone, watch it first and i will give details…so it doesnt seem biased. although luke morretti seemed to be on “our side” i dont think he was, i think he was just acting that way to calm my dad down. i actually hope he wasnt biased with his report…then it gives integrity to my dads argument even if the story doesnt paint him in the most positive light.

anyone ever see pelican brief? think that excpet a non fortune 500 company and not so many dead people. ok no dead people

i dont understand what is happening what is the DEC, what has been a sleeping beast for 15 years?

department of environmental conservation

fuck the DEC, i cant wait to see this

i’ll make the popcorn tonight.

FYI, I am very familiar with the issue and will add my input on this situation after it has been televised as well.

I’m curious to see how it is portrayed as well.

Good luck with everything joe.