charging system problem ? help? 92 coupe

ok ka24de 92 coupe. so im driving last night and my radio all of a sudden starts cutting out and back on and i soon reliezed my battery light was on at idle but dimmed off as rpms go up (2000 rpm is off) now that makes me believe my battery is fucked. now the radio cuts out everytime i press the breaks and its starting to run alittle rough at idle. any help?

i had the same issue. before anything, check your alternator fuse… i changed my battery and the wires crossed blowing the fuse. I didnt realize it until the car was running off the new battery. It ran until the battery finaly died. Other symptoms are a complete loss of engine power. could be it…

check the charging system, getting colder now could be the belt check it first, also could be battery, or altinator.

alternator is tost

its good you found the issue.

what a lemon!


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