cky pulls it again.

i fucked myself and gave him seats while him saying he would pay me the next week, that was in septemeber, now he wont awnser my calls texts or ims, so who wants to break his kness?

LOL, I cant believe anyone still deals with this guy.



This is why people don’t get freebies. Common sense.

there are very few people I would give something to in that manner and expect cash later.


Where are all those fuckers who were defending that pos…

i’m curious how much money it was?

Doesn’t he go out to meets? Go see him in person.

he only comes out at night…

EDIT: lol damn he needs to stop that shit


didn’t you read that other thread?


I was going to quote this:

And then link to that other thread… but that was in mid-august, so i got nothing.


Two emo kids can’t fight,the world will crumble. Call the police say he stole them. He probably has a fake name on here.

  1. Team up with others scammed by him.
  2. Police report party
  3. Video tape
  4. E-Profit


lol booooo

so from the sounds of it, seeing as hes not responding to your calls, im guessing you guys werent really friends from the beginning. was it just a random person buy these tickets off you?

if thats the case, i would never in my life give anyone i was not friends with tickets for something without getting the money handed to me right there and then. if it was a friend, i wouldn’t give him the tickets unless i knew how he was and knew he would actually pay them back!


Cash up front.

/cky and all other private party sales.

Lol, i think buy seats he actually meant seats (ie. car seats), not tickets to a game of some sort.

but i’m not positive.