Clutch opinions?

well its time for a new clutch it an 03 mustang cobra w/ 2.75 pulley, jlt cai, slp loud mouth exhaust and x-pipe w/ cats, irs brace, and h&r race springs i also have more plans for power ported blower or nitrous or kb. i was thinking this fidenza clutch your input would help thanks

centerforce dfx would be my choice.


get a clutch+flywheel upgrade

^thats what i was lookin to get. does anybody know the pros/cons of single disc and twin disc clutchs

twin disk holding power and driveability is better than a large capacity single disk but they tend to be big dollar items. I bet you could stick with a single disk and be just fine however

what about a spec? not sure about Spec’s on the Stangs but i loved my 3 and i love my current 4.

Agreed i loved my 3 and now my 5. Great and not a wallet killer.

don’t agree with me to get in my pants…


But…but…I really like you…as a person. :hay:

ehh ive had failures with spec clutches and and centerforce clutches but they were in imports. Might be a different story for domestics though. I swear by clutchnet these days.

I have a DFX in my car now, it holds the power. You will need to learn to drive around the chatter, sometimes when I am lazy you can hear it from outside the car. Also, it is very close to being an On/off switch for the 03/04 cobra, something you’d have to get used to as well.

Spec 3+ or DFX will be a good choice. Make sure you do all the associated upgrades when you have the trans out.

I will be switching to a twin disk setup next.

^ like what the 26 spline input shaft? anything else

26 spline input shaft, head cooling mod, TOB sleeve, TOB…these are done with the trans out.

i recommend also doing: clutch quadrant and micro click adjuster, free play kit

head cooling mod i havent seen that before what is that?

something u want to do if u like that motor