Clutch.. Problem?

I picked up a new SHO last weekend and much to my delight its not a bad abse to build up from. When I press the clutch, theres a slight moan and/or “grind” sound, thats the best I can describe it. Its definitely only when the clutch is pressed in. Its there maybe 80% of the time. Tonight I heard it again at Taffy’s and I dropped it thinking I was in Neutral… yeah well we all know (whoever was there) how that ended up. Anyways, its pretty damn annoying and I don’t know if its a problem or normal or whatever. Tranny shifts fine and all seems well. Any ideas or am I just fretting over nonsense BS?

Hmm, Kyle’s car does that…

I forget why. Throwout bearing?

I know the TOB in SHOs is a common transmission problem. Its like a swirling sound… when you engage the clutch it sounds to be there but a little deeper and in the background. I was going to take it to a tranny shop but I’d rather put some miles on it with my poor ass stick ability and see if theres any shavings and crap in the pan to see what damage I seriously caused, if any at all. The clutch doesn’t slip at all. How long can one ride with a bad TOB before extreme problems? :frowning:

Go the easy route first, and try pushing from the backside of the pedal out towards the driver seat.

Did the grinding sound more like it was from a rotating source? Without hearing the noise it is hard to tell, but it is more likely that the throwout bearing and pressure plate interface is worn and will need attention. That is the weakest link in the clutch mechanism.

A dry cable can be replaced or lubricated. To remove the cable end from the clutch actuation lever, prop the clutch pedal up with a 7" long rod, tool shoe, etc. to release the ratchet pawl. You can then pull the ball end of the cable forward at the transaxle lever. I’ve not yet done a rod shifter.

Does the cable/rod move easily by hand? Try to add grease if not. Also check the clutch pedal pivot for friction. Lube as necessary. Without detailed information, I’d bet the throwout bearing and pressure plate are worn and will need to be replaced in due time.

BTW what did you get and are there any pictures. GL with it :tup:

is the noise made only as you are pushing the clutch in or releasing it? or does it make the noise when the pedal is held to the floor (or even under slight pressure) when the car is running.

scenario 1 points to linkage (pivot ball, cable, pedal assy)
scenario 2 points to throw out bearing (possibly a worn pressure plate, but i doubt it)

my guess is the bearing. they can be pretty loud.

The noise is defnitely of the swirling variety, so I’m going to assume that its from a rotating body.

newman, the sound is noticeable when the clutch is pressed all of the way in and while the car is running.

I also spoke to another guy about clutches in general and he almost died laughing when I said I had to let the clutch in somewhat slowly when going through the gears (not from a dead stop). I know it fries the clutch, but in order to have a smooth shift where the car doesn’t jerk like its trying to fuck the car in front of it, I have to kinda let it out slow. Its not mega slipping but its not a complete drop. He said you should be able to drop it no problem and not have it jerk. Today he drove it and said that theres a possibility the car does this due to a bad tranny mount. Proper diagnosis? Complete BS?

Trueblue, if you are ever in the Lancaster area or plan on heading out that way drop me a PM or something. You can check out the new ride and investigate the problems if you so desire :slight_smile: Its a '91 SHO, Black/Black 139K. I’ll let the underside speak for itself :wink: I may take it to a tranny shop and have them take a look at it but if they do find problems I don’t have the money for it so theres definitely a problem with that, heh.

parts car + your car = fix it over weekend

And get that shifter bushing, throttle, brakes, and other things taken care of also. It will make it a lot easier to drive. :tup:

Trueblue, if you are ever in the Lancaster area or plan on heading out that way drop me a PM or something. You can check out the new ride and investigate the problems if you so desire :slight_smile:

I’m not often out in that area, but if I am, fo SHO, I’ll hit you up. Maybe we can meet at Galleria or something, I still want to pick up Topless 5.0’s 60K video.

I’ll let the underside speak for itself :wink:

Sounds clean, southern car? To bad you weren’t still in the market in a few months, mine might be up for sale pretty soon as well :tup: If you know anyone looking for a great Gen II with only 60k on the clock, tell them to save their pennies up now :smiley:

Anyway PM sent, GL with the fixes.