f body people, my clutch is squeaking, whats wrong?

Basically when i let my clutch out i hear a squeaking noise, it seems to do it more often when i am starting out from a complete stop, but it also does it sometimes when i am moving.

it does it more in 1st gear than any other, but i have heard it in 2nd and 3rd… in neutral i can press the clutch in a hundred times and it never does it, so only when it is under a load. I also have never heard it when downshifting, only upshifting.

i can “feel” the squeak in the clutch pedal, and if i let the clutch out slower, it squeaks slower, and vice verse…

its hard to describe, but i would say it sounds somewhat like the brakes do when they are rubbing and you are moving slowly

anyone have ideas on what it could be? I replaced the clutch/pressure plate and slave cylinder in it last september, and it has maybe 10,000 miles on it.

im thinking it may be the slave? everything seems to function normally, just sounds like something needs to be greased.


this is a honda forum. No fbody people here.

Google search gave me this. I have no idea if its true or not.
F-body’s and vettes apparently share the squeaky clutch problem. The fix is to either replace the hydraulics, a PITA on the F-body or bleed them… The purpose of bleeding the system is to slowly remove the contamination of clutch dust. It’s a fairly time consuming job but cheap!

Or another simple answer was given.

Throwout bearing since it only happens under load.

TB maybe… lsx guys will chime in

ok gonna guess the TB or slave…but ill ask brian in the am and see what his guess is aswell and let u know

i’d say throwout bearing or master cylinder. ls1 hydraulics ftl…

it could be a nuber of things. What kind of clutch is it? what kind of slave cylinder did u put in it?, did u change the fluid?, did u do the drill mod?, and finally who did the swap?

thanks for the replies guys

it is a stock replacement exedy clutch, im not sure who makes the slave/TO bearing, but i will try and find out

i changed the fluid, and i did not do the drill mod, and i did the swap myself.

edit* it just says OEM parts for the slave/to bearing

hey guys, after reading a bunch of stuff, it seems that a bad TO bearing usually causes noise when the clutch pedal is pressed

mine is completely silent, and it only makes the squeaking noise once, not over and over again, its about a 1/2 - 1 second squeak… sorry about that.

typically TO bearing will make noise when the clutch is released. the noise should cease once you press pedal down.

hard to say who makes the TO bearing. have bought them from advance with GM numbers on them. lot of times they come with updated numbers used in the z06

thanks, i noticed last night when driving, i was downshifting and when i downshifted into 2nd with the clutch pedal pressed down i heard the squeaking noise again, at least thats what i think it was, i had the radio on, so it was a bit hard to hear, but i could feel it in the shifter and not the clutch pedal.

the only thing i can think of is the slave is not releasing the clutch 100% and the TO bearing is bad?

hey guys, something is def. wrong here, and its getting worse

the problem seems to be getting worse, im hearing the squeaking noise a lot more, and i can also hear a noise in the transmission

its happened a few times tonight, but basically when i press the clutch in coming up to a stop sign i can hear a noise in my transmission, i also hear the noise when i downshift into 2nd gear with the clutch pressed in and im slowing down to make a turn

its hard to describe the sound, but it almost sounds like somebody put rocks in a blender with water and are trying to blend it

i havent been able to check the trans fluid because my driveway has been covered with snow for the passed two weeks, but does anyone have an idea for me?


without hearing the noise it is going to be hard to determine where it is coming from. Can you have someone ride with you and listen for where the noise is coming from? That would help alot in determining what the problem is. I am thinking something inside the tranny, but then it doesn’t make sense why it does it with the clutch pedal depressed.

sorry i missed your post, i made an in depth post on ls1tech, heres a link: http://www.ls1tech.com/forums/manual-transmission/1243746-really-bad-noises-sorry-its-so-long.html

im thinking there may be something wrong with the output shaft, and thats why it is making noises while im moving with the clutch down

Take a video if you can to capture the noise that might help diagnoise it

i will try, the camera wont be able to get the rock sound, but it should be able to get the squeaking sound

keep driving it… the noise will go away.

u should take it out and look at it.

haha, the noise seems to be getting worse now, it was almost the worse its ever been today

i would, but its my only car that i need every day, it will take me at least 2 days to take it out, inspect it and put it back in again

hey guys, i have an update, and will probably drop my trans tomorrow, but please let me know what you think

i bled the hydraulics today with a mityvac, and the squeaking noise when i let the clutch out went away, but im getting a grinding/rubbing noise when the clutch pedal is pressed in, it is coming from the clutch area.

it is the same noise that i thought was “rocks” in the transmission, but it is a lot louder now, and it makes the noise when i downshift, or upshift at lower rpms,and seems to be way worse after i bled it… i also noticed that my pedal felt a lot firmer, so should i try to bleed it more, or just drop the trans?

when in neutral sitting still i can press the clutch pedal down and it will be perfectly fine for about 3 seconds, then start to make the grinding/rubbing noise… the noise comes and goes, but is constant, and also i have no problems putting it in gear, it goes smoothly.

after reading this thread, jeff said that the noise should go away when the clutch is released, do you mean when i press the pedal down, or when im not pressing the pedal down? I was a bit confused by that.

I also noticed that after i drove the car for ~1 hour, when i was sitting still and pressed the clutch pedal down, the noise was a lot less, but still present.

thanks guys

2 months later and u r just finally now dropping the trans…