COD Black Ops

Cant wait to get this, as my MW2 broke, and Im not buying another lol. Couple vids:


Oh wow

what did you snap your disc in rage because you were beat by some 9 year old from wisconsin? get the fuck outta here.

between this and gt5 i’m never leaving my house

No, the disc got scratched real bad in my dumpy x-box when I moved it, thus not allowing the disc to read. Im not one of those idiots that freaks out over a video game, Im actually usually the one team-killing to get someone so pissed that they break their shit :lol

Wish i had a PS3 :’(

fuckkkkkkk that lol. i fucked up my forza 2 disc the day i got my xbox/forza by moving it while it was moving, i was so fucking angry i got in the car and bought another FM2 the same day :rofl

:lol you showed them!

they were prolly like “this fuckin guy”

will be getting black ops for sure. game looks kind of decent but im pumped for the “nazi zombies” gameplay there bringing back. shit is madd fun

idk if your from the area or not but i was at this pawn shop in lake george yesterday and the had a used mw2 for $3

Whattt! ^^

if your looking for a cheap mwf2 for xbox theres a pawn shop in lake george that has one for $3 if your ever around that area

definitely getting this, so much has improved and weapons are better.

and i was wondering why you havent been on in almost a month adum

Yeah, I want to, but refuse to buy another one when BlackOps is coming out so soon. Plus I really dont have the time, nor should I be playing games now anyways :lol

shit looks intense

xxbx is gay

They are bringing that zombie shit from World at War back? They just lost a buyer. Hate that shit. I want a realistic war shooter, similar to MW2 or BC2. GAY.

woah cool your jets bro… Im sure they still have the realistic shit

Cool. Your. Jets. BRO.