Colonie Motorcycle crash yesterday??

Anyone have any other information on this? doesn’t seem like it could be rider error b/c its such a wide sweeping turn a rookie could easily take it at 100+mph. Seems to me like someone decided to get over late and either hit the bike or caused them to lock up the brakes. Something seems real fishy to me.

Waaaay too many factors involved in this. The secod turn on that ramp is decreasing radius turn as well, and def not a 100mph jobber.

Can anyone ID the bike?

Coming off exit 2E off 87??? There is nothing sharp about that curve at all. Even when I take it at normal speed I’m lucky if I’m at a 10* lean… lol. Granted anything is possible if it were an inexperienced rider but something tells me there is more to it.

I drove past it while it was getting loaded on the trailer. I’m guessing the bike was pretty F’ed since it was strapped down on it’s side on the flat bed.

looks like a vrod

Central Avenue exit ramp onto the northbound side of I-87

Judging by the wording, it’s the ramp to go from Central to 87N, I’m thinking as you’re headed towards Albany.

But you’re right, if you’re headed towards Schenectady there is no reason to crash.

My friend drove by it as well and thinks the kid was chased by the popo. In that kind of situation, I’d expect a rookie driver to F up.

Def looks like a harley type bike

Does look like one.

Ohhh… I was going by the video and it looked like it was going from 87N to Central at the Wolf Road exit… helps to read I guess. lol.

I haven’t watched the video myself so I’m not too sure.

News suck on the follow up stories for this stuff however so we will prolly never know.

News update…

Motorcyclist dies from injuries after Northway crash

ALBANY, N.Y. – A Schenectady man involved in a motorcycle accident over the weekend has died from his injuries.
State Police said Randy Bowers, 49, was traveling northbound on I-87 Sunday afternoon when he lost control of the motorcycle at Exit 2 and went off the side of the highway.

Bowers was taken to Albany Medical Center where he was placed on life support. He died from his injuries on Monday.

State Police said an investigation revealed that the motorcycle was traveling at an unsafe speed.

Something really doesn’t add up now. They said he was only traveling at an “unsafe speed”. Had it been really that fast they would have said “high rate of speed”. And that is exactly the turn I though… its a really wide turn… no reason to lose it unless A)something broke on the bike; B) He hit something in the road; C) He was hit by a car. C seems like a very viable option b/c people are morons when getting off that exit. They are always in the wrong lane and decide to just switch without ever looking. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost been side swiped at that exact spot… I refuse to ride in either of the lanes (outside exit lane/inside lane on 87) for that exact reason. RIP either way though.

“unsafe speed” is such a stupid way to describe whatever speed he is traveling and It is clearly used to put a negative image on motorcycle riders. I would think the police with all their training and all would have better way to explain the speed he is traveling.

“Unsafe speed” could literally effing mean ANYTHING because it is subjective. An “unsafe speed” to you doesn’t mean it is an “unsafe speed” to me. Either said he is speeding or not, which makes me think that the rider is not breaking the speed limit otherwise they 100% would have said so, but the police simply trying to find a term to negatively describe the situation.

I was once cited for ‘unsafe speed/speed unreasonable for conditions’ for driftng around a roundabout in Malta.

I was doing like 15-20mph, I was just doing that speed in style.

Fair enough though.

Found this on RidyNY. A little more clarification about the accident:

The wife of the deceased rider wrote this to the Time Union Biker Blog

I am the widow of the man who was in this accident. My husband was killed one week ago today. I want everyone to know that the NYS police reported that he was travelling at unsafe speeds. This was an error on their part – he was travelling just below the speed limit. The police have sent out a retraction but no news media has carried it or published it. The reason for the accident is unknown, however the investigation suspects my beloved husband had a medical incident just prior to the accident. Witnesses say he was in complete control when he just drove straight off the road with no attempt to stop or even recover his path. His head clipped the mile marker as he went into the grass. There are no words to express the loss of my husband of 15 years and a father of four, the youngest is our 12 year old daughter. If you could help clear my husband’s name by spreading the word to whoever will listen that he was NOT speeding and the accident was determined NOT to be operator error, our family would be forever grateful. And if anyone knows how to get the media to cover this story I would appreciate it. I have lost the absolute love of my life, my soulmate, my forever partner.

Just thought you all might be interested.

oh wow, looks like kenny hit the nail on the head on this one… RIP

I would like to clarify this post a LOT. Especially idiotic posts like illya’s stating that he was a “kid running from the cops”. These are just bullshit rumors and is very disrespectfull to this man, his wife and children.

I witnessed this accident first hand, pulled over, dialed 911 attempted to revive him, and gave that police statement that the wife is referring to.

  1. He is 50. Not a kid.
  2. He was not speeding in any way.
  3. He died driving the bike before he crashed.
  4. He was totally blue and dead when i got to him. This implies a stroke or massive heart attack while he was riding.
  5. He was kept on life support because he was an organ donor, not because he was viable.

You got the link to that blog??

So what is the idea behind the police saying he is traveling at unsafe speed when they really don’t know??? If this is not used to imply riders are unsafe, I would love to learn about the real motive…

It was probably a scare tactic police and government agencies always use.

I’m willing to bet most motorcycle accidents the police encounter result in unsafe speed crap. They simply do not know how to judge their speed. Just compared to the size of vehicles, they just look like they’re going faster, or because they’re louder than your average Honda Accord. I can’t tell you how many times my mother or someone I know always thought my brothers or me were speeding simply because are cars/bikes are loud or above 2500rpm.