Coming Apocalypse Thread

Two auxiliary channels should be open today. Sounds like a bigger one coming soon.

Why isn’t the company that owns the boat and their insurance paying for all this, why is it on the tax payers dime?

Does their insurance policy have a max payout?

Because of: Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge aftermath: Liability cap of $44 million claimed | Fortune

Singapore-based Grace Ocean Private Ltd. owns the Dali, the vessel that lost power before it slammed into the bridge early last Tuesday. Synergy Marine Pte Ltd., also based in Singapore, is the ship’s manager.

Their joint filing seeks to cap the companies’ liability at roughly $43.6 million. It estimates that the vessel itself is valued at up to $90 million and was owed over $1.1 million in income from freight. The estimate also deducts two major expenses: at least $28 million in repair costs and at least $19.5 million in salvage costs.

The companies filed under a pre-Civil War provision of an 1851 maritime law that allows them to seek to limit their liability to the value of the vessel’s remains after a casualty. It’s a mechanism that has been employed as a defense in many of the most notable maritime disasters, said James Mercante, a New York City-based attorney with over 30 years of experience in maritime law.

Ain’t that some shit. So basically if you crash your boat full of tnt into a bridge, you get off scott free.

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I still feel it should t be on the tax payer and the companies that own it should
Come out of pocket. Same shit happens with your car insurance if they don’t cover things.

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This happens because ancient maritime laws never get updated because lobby groups don’t want them to.

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Exactly dude, little guy blasts through a utility pole or hits a bridge support and gets hit with a $50-100k bill.

Who’s watching the eclipse?

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i did.

it was pretty neat.

there is no way i would have spent any money on it though. we just watched it from our yard and when it reach totality it was pretty interesting.

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Watched the clouds part for about 10 seconds early on to get a tiny view of a 5% obstructed sun.
It was fun going from grey to dark grey to grey again in only a few minutes.
Edit: skies cleared up nicely 1.5hours later

You will not look directly at the sun

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Didn’t get any photos of the eclipse since it was super cloudy, but I did get a cool shot from my Ring camera of a time lapse through totality.