Corvette Blasphemy

This is so dumb. Not the performance SUV to take on the Cayenne because that’s been needed for years. The dumb part is naming it Corvette. Just look what Porsche did. They called their SUV the Cayenne. They didn’t call it, “The 911 SUV” and go tarnishing the 911 name they’ve been building since 1964.

Making the same dumb mistake as Ford did with their Mustang SUV. You don’t dilute a brand name like Mustang or Corvette you’ve spent decades building.

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All I can think of is a 600 hp terrain/equinox.
That is a vile thought and I really want to know what POS base they started with.

Pretty cool idea buying a superstreet SUV for winter and only getting 5 or 6 winters out if it before turns to mush.


The base is the alpha which is really good.
But someone might as well piss on Zoras grave.

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No thanks, lol.

@King for when you’re dad’s X5 kicks it.