COVID-19/20/21/22 Discussion (NOW COVID-23?)

No idea, Erie County hospitalization numbers are quite low so it’s not a very good data point.

Florida however, looks like a data gold mine right now. Between “no masks anywhere, no social distancing” and a huge swath of 20-40 year olds who didn’t get the shot Florida makes a great test case. And the results aren’t looking great.

Hospitals near capacity. Ambulances being sent to farther away hospitals because of capacity issues at the closest hospital. I think we can all agree that if you’re going to the hospital by ambulance there’s a good chance it’s in your best interest to go the closest one because you’re probably in rough shape. ER patients laying in beds in hallways because they don’t have rooms. Approximately 90% of covid patients aren’t fully vaccinated, and unlike the earlier waves they’re seeing a lot of kids and 20-40 year old patients, while seeing far less of the 60+. Of course the 60+ group is the group that has the best vax rates.

It’s really terrible to see Florida going this bad because up until Delta Florida made for a great example of why we shouldn’t be shutting down, forcing masks and reducing capacity. Florida was one of the first to open back up and remove most restrictions, and the talking heads predicted doom, but basically nothing happened. That seems to be changing fast with Delta unfortunately.

Florida still makes for a good example. A close friend of Josh’s is a physican down there and i’ve been chatting with him about FL rather than read fake-news. more cases but less severe and very low mortality. FL is a good indication of what getting back to normal will be like.

cases don’t matter, never did and never will, and social-normalcy is more important than hospital capacity.

Nothing is more important than hospital capacity. Want to see society fall apart in a hurry? Start telling people their loved one would have been fine with an IV and couple days in the ICU but they’re dead because the hospital was full.

Yes, people aren’t dying of covid in FL like at the start of the pandemic but there are more in hospital in FL right now than any other time since this started. That’s not fake news, that’s just basic hospital counts.

hospital capacity is a red herring. supply chain (food) and law and order both come first and are both under serious threat. law and order has arguably already fallen in many parts of the US.

all of the alleged email leaks reference supply chain as next dominoe (each of the others has already fallen).

if either of these fail the hospitals wont matter. hopefully food issues come after law and order… rest assured though, both of these dominoes are under threat.

hospitals only affect people who need hospitals. you’re focusing on the vulnerable. that wont matter soon.

infrastructure is also more important than hospitals. if the cell phones go down that will be worse than hospitals. electricity goes down that will be worse. anything that affects all of those people who need hospitals and also all of the people who dont need hospitals.

@bing looks like Canada is actually looking at the docs travelers are uploading to the app.

Get fined $16K going to Canada: Looks like I won’t be going to Canada anymore lol.

Oh no…but I really wanted to (insert Canadian things here)!

I actually do want to go to Canada. But only to retake a family picture of me holding my kids by that old steel ship off the highway on the way to TO

I just wanna be able to fly direct and cheap out of Toronto again.


This was one of the main reasons I got my Nexus pass… like 4 months before Covid hit. A lot of good that pass has done me. I used it to skip the security line on one domestic flight and crossed into Canada at the special Nexus only bridge like 3 times. I feel like they should have to prorate my renewal.

I got my passport renewed literally just before Covid hit so we could go and enjoy ourselves in Canada at the falls sometime with family. What a waste of 2 yrs it’s going to be on that Passport for no damn reason. I mean sure, I used it to fly to Colorado but I could have just used my license.

I started getting mine just before covid, they cancelled my interview twice now. My next one isnt for 6 months and at this rate will be canceled.

How much longer are we going to keep the fear going on NYS. I understand other states like Florida and Texas where they have major issues with the unvaccinated people and the deaths that are coming… but if you look at the numbers in NYS, it doesn’t make sense to keep the fear going.
Yes our numbers are getting higher on the cases. We have a lot of cases right now, similar to the middle of covid where we were shut down, however the amount of deaths is very minimal compared to the case count. Nothing like it was during the middle of covid with this same case count.

I’m just sitting here, drinking my coffee, waiting for the numbers to “explode” once we go full schedules K-12 tomorrow.

I’m happy to have kids back, but I have a sneaking suspicion that we are going to be remote at some point this fall/winter. Because, why wouldn’t we? Fuck my job.

Looking at the data coming out of the south, even in districts that had mask mandates, it doesn’t look good. The one thing WNY has going, at least in the burbs, is our vax rates are extremely high compared to these southern states that are opening schools and then having to shut them down a week or two later.

We’ll know in a few weeks. My guess is BPS will be the first to have to shut down because Buffalo has the worst vax rates in WNY.

Even with over 100 cases a day in Erie County, we have 0 deaths on a 7 day running. Sure, we are seeing an uptick in cases but they aren’t fatal in any way. This now to me has become more like the Flu than the beginning of Covid.
NYS is what… pretty much 80% vaccinated? This is not a very deadly situation for this state currently.

Let me know when Florida and Texas ranks #1 and #2 for death rate per 1 million, they are currently #21 and #25 respectively: United States COVID - Coronavirus Statistics - Worldometer


Well we wont see that now because we have a better handle on how to care for people who end up in hospitals for Covid where as in the beginning we were guessing and checking in states like NY.
But currently it’s getting bad in those locations. Coworkers brother works in Florida and said they are bringing in refrigerated trucks for the amount of dead they have. So I’d say that’s a bad situation for them. But then again, they are nowhere near the vaccination rate NY is currently.

It will be really hard to catch NY’s kill count without sticking covid positive patients in nursing homes directly along side the most vulnerable population. And you’d have to go back in time and do it before that population was vaccinated. #Cuomo


Has your account been trolled? Some of those comments scream prime time pandemic 2020 jargon.
I thought we would have special cemeteries set up for Walmart employees alone by now.

I know of 2 very recent cases. 1 in NY and 1 in SC. Both complained of lack of energy and worked from home. I’ll be heading to Massachusetts for work in September. Get ready for that state to ‘explode’. As JayS says, until I get it or one of my zero close friends and family has major complications, I will be hesitant.

I’m pretty sure we still don’t get proper information. Don’t the standards for the PCR test change soon? How exactly can they tell when it’s a new variant?

Also this: It does not really stretch logic to assume that vaccinated people transmitting a virus means vaccines are underperforming. If it’s only a new variant getting tested/reported, what’s the point of the current batch of jabs? Might as well wait for rev. 2.

Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens