COVID-19/20/21/22 Discussion (NOW COVID-23?)

Figured I’d get ahead of the curve (pun intended) since we are clearly going to be doing this shit for a long time.

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I wish more states would break down their cases like Virginia:

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Except PCR testing is not reliable, and the way hospitals are testing and reporting vaccinated vs. unvaccinated cases is unreliable.

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that is certainly a nicer way of presenting the data but it is also inconsistent with any other data i have seen from other sources.

also doesnt seem to jive with Israel’s data.

PCR testing is so funny isn’t it? It’s almost like the internet knew it was bullshit and that the flu never went away, and literally every health care provider I’ve ever talked to said the same thing, including that masks don’t work…but yes…let’s keep using PCR testing, move goal posts and ignore the fact that we are probably just getting positive results from the flu/cold…ugh.

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I was telling people it was just the flu 2.0 over a year ago. After talking to a few of my Dr friends and that’s what they called it. It’s almost like they never want to return to normal. All these bullshit variants bla bla. It’s all bullshit.

The problem is with testing. We have become SOO obsessed with testing for COVID that we are going to burn ourselves out chasing a virus that is clearly already endemic. Do we do this with ANY other endemic virus?

Is the Delta variant problematic? Maybe. Probably for unvaccinated. But is it more deadly? Probably not, because if it was, it would do what all deadly strains do…kill itself off.

We have the start making peace now with the fact that we will NEVER get rid of COVID, it is another passenger on board the human ride.

What drives me crazy is that the most recent “masking” update is founded on an article out of India that was, by all accounts, shitty science. But the CDC made a mountain out of a mole hill again.

maybe people will get it in year 3. or maybe it’ll take 10+

You ready for this?

Bottom line of this narrative shift… vaccinations don’t work. Everything goes back to square one. Blame Trump, not us.


OH god, the jimmies are going to get SOOOO rustled.

Only one of 61 Israelis hospitalized with COVID in serious condition is a fully vaccinated individual under the age of 60, Channel 12 news reported Sunday, citing Health Ministry figures.

According to the report, 24 of those in serious condition are unvaccinated, while 37 are fully vaccinated. The lone seriously ill fully vaccinated person under 60 was in the 50-59 age group.

No fully vaccinated individuals under age 50 were in serious condition.

Meanwhile, among the unvaccinated, 14 people under age 50 were in serious condition, two of whom were younger than 40.

As to the question of why, in the over-60 group, the majority of seriously ill were vaccinated, the report noted that most people in the age group are vaccinated, and so that population is likely to get more representation. It is also possible that unvaccinated individuals have been more cautious than those who felt protected by the vaccines.

Feel free to check my math on this, not guaranteeing it’s right because I’m doing this during conference calls. :slight_smile:

Israel has 9 million people. The closest stat I can find for % pop over 60 is % pop over 65, which is 11.9%. Set lets round that up to 15% for over 60.

So we’re talking about 15% of 9 million people, or 1.35 million people.

90% of 1.35 million is 1.215 million fully vaccinated people.
10% of 1.35 million is 135 thousand unvaccinated people.

So you’ve only got 37 out of 1.215 million in serious condition for the vaccinated group, but 24 out of just 135 thousand for the unvaccinated group.
.003 % for vaccinated
.018 % for unvaccinated, or 6x more likely to have serious complications vs a vaccinated person.

Another way to look at this though is .018% chance of having serious complications despite being in the high risk group of over 60 seems like pretty good odds.

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I’m playing devils advocate here…but since when is .018% considered pretty good odds?

I see your point, no argument there. But again, going to the whole “living with COVID” thing, since it is most definitely endemic at this time, at what percentage is it going to take the world to just go, “oh well” and move on just like we’ve always done with the flu?

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You going to stop driving? outlaw motorcycles? bikes? where does it stop

Exactly. Theyd save more lives outlawing obesity. Limit everyone to 2000 calories a day and make them exercise!

@JayS I reread your post, the .018% you referred to was as a good thing, which I agree.

Does that warrant a change in masking policy and public policy though?

I don’t think any of this deserves a change in policy. There is one thing and one thing only that should be dictating policy at this point… hospitalization rate. As long as the hospitals have beds for covid and not covid (like heart attacks etc) just keep everything open with no masks. There are only 28 people in Erie County in hospital because of covid as of yesterday. Why the fuck are we changing policies over that?


I’m more worried about mental health at this point.

People can’t and won’t do this bullshit for much longer.


Suicide and addiction rates have skyrocketed, but let’s not look at that, or the record level drug overdose and homeless crisis…


Dicks out for COVID!

Published in 2004, it showed masturbation caused a temporary spike in immune cells, including killer cells that fight viruses.

of those hospitalized with covid in erie county @JayS any info on whether they showed up wtih COVID as the primary cause of illness or if they arrived with other conditions as primary and were required to do a rapid test as a condition of being accepted and tested positive?

of those that were tested as a condition of acceptance how many had actual symptoms vs. simply testing positive with a rapid test proven to give at leats 50% false positives?

this seems to be the issue in some parts of the EU i am seeing. you can use procedural changes to keep the false-front up for as long as you want.

and in Aussie land i think we have probably all now seen the military choppers and arrests for yoga in the park this weekend?

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