Credit Fraud FTW?

So. A few months back (making this a short story here) some nonsense went on, and I ended up with a Nikon D50 and a few lenses at my house that I never ordered. Long story short, someone got ahold of my CC, ordred the camera, signed up for AOL and a bunch of other crap. I shut it down immediately and they reversed all the charges no problem. That’s not he question.

When it happened, I told them that I had the camera, several times, as in multiple calls (this was a nearly $1500 invoice). One person said “send it back” when I said I didn’t want to without having proper authorization (so that I didn’t get a call later asking where the eff it was) they said “hold on to it we’ll let you know what to do with it”.

Fast forward 3 months or so. I still have it. They’ve never called me. I called them just now and asked about the investigation. I asked explicitly whether or not any further action was required by me after she told me that it was closed and she said no.

WTF do I do with this thing? I don’t really feel like opening it up and finding out later they are going to want the $1500 back :hay:

Sounds to me like you get a free camera, Wally. You might want to go so far as to get it on tape that so and so from so and so company says you are in the clear to cover your ass. If I were you, I would send me the camera so you don’t have to worry about it.

Ask whoever you talked to about the investigation if they will send you something written that states no further action is required.

funny… something very similar happened to me. i bought a bunch of jewlery for my my and a friend… opened up a new card… charged like almost 1K to it… 4 months later… nothing has shown up… i told them to send me in paper that i have a zero balance. here it is… and they cant backcharge anything anymore

after dealing with the situation properly, and them not setting up a return of some sort, and not requesting the equipment, after telling you to hang onto it etc etc, youll eventualy be able to claim them as abondonded goods

its perfectly resonable to want to hold the goods untill they set up a return fot you, as your arguement is simply “i want it set up so i can return them in a fashion that clears my name in case of loss”

noone wants to send shit back and have the company say “we never received them, we thing you still have them, we are sueing”

it makes little difference if its something you bought yourself, or something that someone else bought on your card

not wanting to get fucked is NWTGF is NWTGF … simple as that

if they dont set up a return, im sure at some point they will become “abondonded” and they will be yours to do with as you please

i swear i saw this whole ordeal go down howie!!! i went back and bought that bracelet for my babe too…

Samething happened to me few years ago. My ex-gf stole my CC #, used it to paid some online service to do her english paper. Placed an order on a dress and have it sent to my house. I called the CC company and tell them to come and pick the shit up. They never did. 6 months later after i broke up with her and the end of the investigation. I sold the dress back on ebay for few hundreds. :slight_smile:

heh… I’m in the same boat (only reversed), t-mobile has a cell phone of mine that they owe me $$$ for and wont own up to it.

cool deal though… got a free camera :tup: