Damn taxes

Just saw on the news that in NY, we pay a state tax of $1.01 a gallon. Thats a bit excessive imho.

On Top Gear, they mentioned that they pay 67% of fuel cost in tax (said something like 67 pence of a pound per litre fuel cost goes to the government). I guess we aren’t so bad in comparison.

Yeah in that comparison I guess not…but this is America. As far as fuel taxes go we are paying out the ass. I realize other states pay alot also…but I know we have always been one of the highest.

ya but bull semen cost 23,000 pounds per liter

:lol: I guess someone else decided that the BBC channel is the only good TV on in the US on a Monday night.

make the winters stop destroying the roads so they can lower it?

I thought it was $1.50 lol

Make that two people :slight_smile:

My wife was in ohio this weekend. Said that reg was $3.04 a gallon with some discount card her sis had.


this is about taxes on gas? shit most people wont even pay over $1-2000 a year for taxes on gas. i just gave the fed $10,000 in income taxes last year. thats about 500 hours or about 3 months of working i did for free so uncle sam could get his cut. :bloated:

end thread, end any argument about gas prices in this country forever.


Oh quitcherbitchin.
That’s from a year ago too.

Its still based on percentage, so it just gets worse as it goes higher.

but most of those people who live in those countrys don’t have to drive 30+ miles a day for work/school.

then move closer to where you work…

Most of those places also have extremely well thought out public transportation systems, which is a viable alternative.

EDIT: did you really just type “Countrys”???

Kuwait city here i come!

Caracas FTW $.17!