Dear all Taurus SHO haters:

their baaaaack. Heh.


Sweet a Fucking Dashboard.

If that things AWD with 350hp 350tq… thats going to be the first ford I’d consider ever buying.

i dont get it

Wait, its still a Ford though.

did a japanese company design the drivetrain on this one also? im not even bothering to look at the link

and the only reason i dislike sho’s is because fucking sho fanboys are worse than the honda kids, they srsly think the sho is like the greatest fucking achevement in ford’s history, when all it was really was a ford shell with a jap drivetrain in it. ohhh the irony

this also reminds me, i saw an “imports are for fags, buy an american car” bumper sticker on an old subaru pos wagon a few days ago. that made me lol

EDIT: i looked. ummmm… it was just a dashboard…

Even the dashboard/steering wheel is ugly. I wonder how bad the body is.

My roommate, when she first learned how to drive stick, told her teacher how excited she was.

The teacher said “oh yeah… pfft, I learned on a ford SHO… ever hear of it? it’s like a racecar.”


thats another thing, i ran into a kid i went to hs with (huuuuuge db) like 5 years ago and he was like “bro, i just picked up a sho its like a fucking racecar, its so siiiqqqqqqq fast omg like bonerific. your jetta is gay lets race.”

and i was all like “alright cool man you know ive heard these sho’s are pretty fucking srs business idk man like i heard theyre like racecars and shit with their v6’s designed by yamaha ive heard they go so fast they’ll melt your fucking face dude and ya man lets do this”

so we go out to a long stretch of highway and run from like 30-100 or so, i pulled on him, but not much, his front bumper was right next to my rear bumper. i let off and he was like


oh little did he know he had just lost to a fucking vw jetta vr6 fggt car. what a fggt.

WTF is wrong with Honda drivers? Don’t you drive a Honda?

The SHO is oK i guess for a ghey 4 door. I didn’t know people actually like them and think they are fast, :lol: I mean it’s just a taurus. I could smoke them all day in my Civic.

Ohh Boy.


read this the other day on autoblog.

if it’s AWD, it might end up being a great car if priced right.

Let’s hope they make a body capable of handling the engine’s output this time. We’ll see if they have to drop the rev limiter to keep it from shaking itself apart. :lol:

And if they make something that’s a capable handling car, or just make yet another high powered sedan to compete with the Impala SS in the “Who The Hell Buys These, Anyway?” market segment.

Pictures are of an automatic. What kind of odds should we put on it being available in automatic only? :lol:

Oh dear. :picard:

AWESOME, more sports cars with gear selectors.

only thing i can really comment on since all we’re given is a dashboard.

Was it a dark color like green or blue? I can almost guarantee it was a friends old car.

I have two of those stickers (a friend had them made) black base with white letters?

I was thinking about putting one on the vette and one on the bimma. :slight_smile:

Oh, why do I not see this car being a success?

lol, is your brother on the list to get one yet?

so you on the wagon full of people that think they had to detune the yamaha v6 so it wouldnt kill the driveline / chassis ? if so your horribly mistaken

eeeh, ricers give honda owners a bad name too. next time u meet a SHO guy ask him if hes done his 60K, if this confuses them they have zero actual SHO knowledge

or ask them if it still has the stock supercharger for that matter … lol

I am all for the SHO’s :tup:

There is the shocker of the upcoming new year.