desktop comp popped

So I moved my computer desk to another room and finished setting it up tonight. I had everything plugged into a power surge, flipped the switch, and heard a loud “pop” noise. Of course my comp shit the bed for some reason from this. I’ve been meaning to get a new desktop since this one is old, but what could have popped? Is there a good chance my hard drive is safe to be able to pull files I need from it?

you turned it the wrong way lol.

Wait wait. have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in to the wall? Powering it on and off again :laugh:
If its shot, it could be anything from the motherboard to the power supply. I would go out on a limb and say the HD is probably fine.
outside chance the power strip is bad.

Probably the fuse in the power supply. Hard drive is fine. Capacitors pop as well but they usually stink when they do.

My guess is power supply as well… that shit happens. HDD and MB should be fine.

Power Supplies are pretty inexpensive, as long as it’s not a power supply that’s shaped in a special way for that particular computer.

Yep, depending on the wattage needed they usually run sub ~$60

Psu, very rare to plug a computer in and get that from a capacitor on a mb, although I did have a mobo start on fire before, it was bad ass