Dick Manners: Do you wipe?

Dick Manners, Dick Etiquette, whatever…

haven’t posted a rediculous topic like this in a while, been busy, sorry.

anyways, when you take a pee, shake etc. do you wipe the tip of your dick to get that excess pee off or do you just shove it back in and walk around with wet boxers for the next hour.

I personally wipe. It’s a respect thing. My wife appreciates it, we’ve had this discussion. It really came to light when i took a pee with my brother in the bathroom… he was all “You wipe the tip?”

I was like “yeah you don’t?”

he was all “Shit ass no!”

but his gf was there and got angry at him… “You dont wipe your dick?”

My wife, gf at the time, was also there. i commented that i loved her and didnt think that she should have to taste my pee when giving me a fantastic blow job.

Not sure how it went that evening for my brother, he and his gf at the time aren’t together anymore… could it be because his dick tasted like old pee? whats the word for dick residue?

I feel weird typing dick so many times in one post.

what do you do when you are in a public restroom?

i let that bitch drip

i wipe with my finger, then lick it up


“hey maw, looks like we had a lil tew much pro-teeeeen last nite”

remember! more than 3 shakes and your playing with yourself.

umm? Mine constantly drips something? it doesn’t really look like pee though

i feel ya

fuck no who the fuck wipes their dick.

Nope. If i’m playing a little game called just the tip, its not going to be with a piece of TP.

This should be a poll.

I dont wipe my dick AND I don’t walk around with wet boxers,my faucet doesn’t drip.:gotme:

How would one wipe when at a urinal/trough?

Do you wipers only piss in a stall due to the lack of toilet paper at the unrinal? Are you advocates of establishing urinal TP?

edit: to slowww

oh please we all know you club hockey guys suck that shit dry:skunk:

feels good man.

And the poll. And no, I have never wiped my dick. Only women wipe after they pee.

I thought this thread was going to be talking about going from ass to mouth.

^lol at Joe.

And no, never wiped, along with Jon, my ball valve works fine!

i’m a big fan of shaking it more than enough times it’s fun for me and good for her!

i did have a talk with the wife about this and she always just assumed i wiped after i pissed. Needless to say the train to BJ town ran a bit late for a few days until she forgot all about it.

Yeah some of you guys are clearly missing the point here. This really isn’t that much of a joke.

I am sure you expect your gf, wife etc to keep herself fresh and she deserves no less from you.

A cleaner dick gets licked more often.

Btw, I’m taking a massive shit at sears, posting from my blackberry. This could be construed as vandalism though… Graffiti maybe?

Anyways, the guy in the stall next to me didn’t wipe his dick. Fucking savagery…

This conversation works much beteer in person when you bring it up abruptly with people you only barely know.

i only wipe when taking a dump maybe since i am in the toilet paper mode, other wise if there is a drop hanging around it evaporates.

piss != vag juice

i lol at guys that shake it for a good 20 seconds. i wish i had the guts to say ‘having fun’ or something like that.