Dood, they stole my WEED...




funny shit. lol

ROFL. I took it!

lol what a dumbass…
kinda like how my brother called the police on himself
he had a bench warrent and didnt know it… he had his car stolen, so he called the cops to report it… the cops came, took his information and found out about the warrent so they had to take him in. it was even in the police blotter… lol

lol :bloated:

dude, i had this keg of weed and i floated it MYSELF! I was fucking tanked, but that did stop me cause after that i totally did 3 shots of doobies.

he got charged for one pill of E…


Now… that is stupid as hell… Poeple are pretty dumb I guess.

Hahahaha, great stuff. Oh and I have that dancing ninja on my desktop wierd…


:lol: moron

what a retard :bloated: