Probably fake news but whatever, posting anyway.


I got a Mavic pro a few weeks ago…so so so fun…have to be kind of low key out here in NYC though

also need to sell my qav250 FPV racer…anyone know a good spot? craigslist has been a waste of time


Go to Helifreak.com you may have to post a few posts before the FS section opens up. I always have great luck buying and selling there as long as you don’t mind shipping.


awesome, on it!




No firework avoidance radar?


I thought you were gonna blow it up.


I had mine out for some displays. Stupid memory card was full and you can’t format while flying so pretty much used it as a pair of eyes flying around and that was it. Some great views from it tho.


I was at BJ’s and saw a whole pile of DJI Mavic Pro’s for $999. I really wanted to just grab one. Impulse buying a drone… I decided to wait. ha

Later that day, I got to actually play around with one at my house. My friend bought one last month and brought it over to get some pictures of my solar panels installed from the sky. I loved how absolutely small the new Mavic Pro is, compared to the Phantom 3 Pro that I got to toy around with last year. From a huge carrying backpack to a foldable design that almost can fit into your pocket, I was really impressed. The Mavic Pro gimble and 4K camera are half the size of the Phantom… . I almost thought it had a fixed camera when he first showed it to me…

Then, just attaching it to his phone and it performing very similarly to the DJI Phantom 3 Pro at 1/2 the size, I am impressed.

Now, if only they were $500. I don’t have a need for one really, but I WANT one. I just can’t want something for $1,000 that won’t be used very often :stuck_out_tongue:


What is the approximate range on the cheaper end of fpv racing drones?


The racing drones are not really made for range.


Amazing the technology with these things these days…


Also which range? The video signal? The range of the transmitter (how far can it fly)?

My racing rig is setup for about 200 yards for my video give or take with a 200mw AV transmitter and a safe 1/2 mile (probably much more) for range with a single spectrum satellite and DX7.


Thats my setup (on the cheaper end). Since then I have changed the props and have a mushroom antenna on the video feed.


I guess both. Just looking at some videos of racing in the woods or some other course, seems like considerable distance so I was wondering if its just the high end setups. So say a 10 acre square and I am standing in one of the corners :smiley:


Just pulled the trigger on a phantom 3. What’s a budget friendly tablet for this. Don’t wanna be stuck with my iPhone 6+ screen.


Nice. Anything with GPS at a minimum works, something with data is idea. You can use a normal Nexus 7 like I have before that is just Wifi and will feed the GPS and video but you won’t get any updated maps to fly is the only limitation.


As long as it had the gps antenna it works correct? I don’t have to activate the cellular service. Did I read that correct?


Yea the GPS is a must. No data on it you just wont get updated maps on the screen but will still be able to see the video and the drone position compared to you. Things like streets wont populate.


Was going to look for an iPad but that nexus 7 seems pretty cheap. What’s the diff between the 1st and 2nd gen. Do they all come cellular? Might look into one.


The 2 has a better screen resolution and a back camera. Other than that I think just minor RAM and CPU upgrades. My Wifi one was cheap a while back. I think the LTE ones are like 50% more.