The DJI Phantom 3 Pro isn’t just about the camera. It has a better range and better charger.

Then, for the Phantom 4, it has some new features over the 3’s…


Thank you. Seems like the range on the 3 advanced and professional is much longer than the standard. Between those, it seems like the extra $100 goes from 2.7k camera to 4K so not sure if it’s worth it since I’m not trying to produce any Hollywood pictures so don’t see any other reason to pay the extra.

The 4 does look cool but maybe a bit out of my price range with what I want to spend. That 360 obstacle avoidance does sound sweet tho.


The only thing I’ve found with DJI Phantoms that I find better with the Blade Chroma, the Chroma has/had a detachable camera where as the DJI was not. Did DJI change this feature so you can remove the camera now and fly without it/use the camera on a hand held?


Seems like if you want to take it hiking a smaller unit like the Mavic would make a lot more sense than the Phantom.


After reviewing, I went with the DJI P3A. The control ability and camera and some of the features on the auto pilot I really liked. Should be here tomorrow and assume I will be at Delaware and Lasalle while its cooler out trying to get the hang of it. Some of the basic features on it and seeing people us it while being new in smaller places I liked so figure the bigger one would have some more stability too. I am looking for backpacks to take it on a few trips but will spend the next few weeks learning to fly it before I run it into a tree somewhere.


Make sure to register it with the FAA. lol


Yea I am going to pay the $5. Figure rather show that I am trying to be legit and hopefully if I ever run into issues with flying it somewhere, I can get some leniency.


That’s it. I know most people will push there luck on where they fly them to get an awesome image/video. If they ever stop you and ask for that and you don’t… I’d figure the fines are pretty heavy depending location and I’d figure they will take the drone if they are strict enough.


Nobody knows the law and the cops who would show up most likely don’t either at least from my interactions when I have been flying my drone.

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I am probably gonna go to the park today and start to learn. Figure two batteries can give me almost an hour to play with and learn this. Figure it’s a good time not being super hot out and not a lot of crowds. Is there any clubs or meet ups that have people to places with these?


For longevity try to space using the next battery immediately after flying. Give it a couple minutes to cool the motors before flying right away or you will burn them out quicker than normal. The other part is to be aware of the wind speed. Too fast of wind and you may find yourself having at tough time bringing it back to yourself if you fly with the wind and need to go against it to get it home. usually anything over 15mph can get tricky for inexperienced people. If you really want to get good at flying it look up little quads for flying in the house. (not one with cameras) and it will teach you very well on how to control one as well as directional when its facing you/facing sideways/facing away. These aren’t hard to fly with all the technology in them but learning how to fly one lacking the GPS smart modes will teach you a lot and at a cheaper cost for learning if you mess up.

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Highly recommend picking up something like this to learn to fly a quadcopter on before you start practicing on your Phantom:



I usually try to go to a place during a weekday early in the morning. That way there is less riff raff. I am registered with the FAA just in case, and I have an AMA membership.

Here is chimney bluffs on a quiet morning about a year and a half ago.

When you are in a rather public place - expect to get many questions from both nice and rude people. You get dirty looks, and gawkers, but what I hate the most is the 3 most common questions

“how high does it go?”
“how much does it cost?”
“isn’t that illegal?”

Here I am when I was like a minor celebrity at my uncles beach house on Lake Erie. So many questions. Especially at the fireworks show. I got permission from the owners and the display coordinator for the fireworks show.

I also just built a mild Naze 32 rev5 FPV race 250. It’s pretty fun - but a challenge using the goggles. I am so used to flying 3rd person that it is night and day difference. I’ll post pics of that soon.


For a little extra I’d suggest the Blade version so that if anything breaks you can buy the pieces and replace them for cheap. Also a nice company to work with if you have defects. They always work with you.


Fields Hobby carries a lot of these in stock locally. I HIGHLY recommend the Inductrix and buy locally. Awesome little heli and 100% stable.


That works as well. I figured the one I shared because it will probably take a little more to learn with. The Inductrix is a nice quad though.


When you were over the water, did it fly normal or did you need to turn off anything? Some people mentioned the sensors for the ground can cause issues sometimes and tweak settings before going over water so my big fear is dunking it in the lake.


I haven’t had issues Choko had an issue hovering his Mavic over water and it went for a dip…but its fine.


I am OK crashing it. I bought DJI Care. I just need to make sure I crash in a place I can find it.


So far so good. Thing is awesome and flying is super easy. Camera is sick too.