Damn that last setup I had was almost $1000 with everything


Yeah, FPV prices are dropping like crazy. I might finally have to pick something up just to rip around my neighborhood with. I have little to no interest in slow overly stabilized flying photo rigs like the Phantom but something to rip around with FPV googles would be fun.


I’m still waiting for a Lily drone :frowning:


It goes 40 something :lol: and you can turn that shit off


$334 shipped with 3 batteries…I will let you know how it is :slight_smile:


Fuck. Stop bumping this. I seriously don’t need one of these. So cheap though…


LOL… Not much impulse purchase control huh?


My price threshold for impulse buys is slightly higher…


Did you purchase one? Definitely curious to hear the results if so. My impulse buy was last week to build a reasonably priced gaming pc, Win10 will be installing today.


I did but its back ordered so I canceled when its back in stock I will reorder…

So semi related I got a Refurb DJI Phantom 3 ended up crashing it and breaking the wiring from the drone -> camera and video down link antennas well the downlink ones are all back ordered…I put all the parts on eBay Camera/Gimble, Drone, and controller. I will end up making enough off the parts to cover the cost of another refurb and im keeping the first battery which goes for $100ish.

If you do it right you could get a refurb phantom 3 for 340ish and part them out on ebay for 500ish if not a little more.

In other news the Walkera Rodeo150 is a really nice FPV drone under $200


Sounds like a great deal to me. Fly and crash, sell parts and get a fresh refurb with a spare battery.

Any reason you like the DJI over the Blade?


I needed something cheap to take pretty photos and do fly overs with…I also wanted to do some hacking on the DJI line up and this was the cheapest.

My boss has a Mavic Pro and its nuts however I want prices to drop a little I don’t need a $1000 toy that I will probably break in a month.



So much for my waterproof tracking drone :frowning:

Anyone know of a drone that’s waterproof AND tracks a subject? I’m leaning towards the Mavic but it’s definitely not something I can land in water.


Probably the Phantom 4. I doubt you’re going to find a good one that’s waterproof.

From the videos I’ve watched I’m not that impressed with active tracking.

^ Notice how quickly it loses him as he turns back toward the camera at the end.


@JayS yeah I’m reading it kinda sucks in active track, so I’m watching videos on how well “follow me” mode works.

I also found this helpful video by @POOPRA in regards to if the Mavic is “waterproof:”


The Airdog is another option but holy crap is it HUGE.


^ Getting lucky that it worked after drying out isn’t the same as waterproof. Also, when yours goes down over Lake Erie filming jet ski stuff (which I’m assuming is why you want this) it’s not going to be in knee deep water. :slight_smile:

Wonder how many of these you’d need to float a Mavic…


lol, yeah I know it would sink QUICK.

I think Airdog is my only real option at this point. The Mavic does track, but it’s terrible for what I need it for. Active track mode will lose me easily, especially if I fall in the water or vanish under it (which I do a lot) and Follow me mode just holds the camera in a fixed position without all the interesting camera movement modes of active track. But the real killer is that for either mode I’d need to have the controller on me, somehow keep it dry AND keep any of the buttons from being bumped or it reverts to manual mode.

This is what I need, although it’s pricey: https://www.airdog.com/sport/windsurf

The remote control “leash” is awesome. This is what Lily would have had too. I can’t seem to find any others that have this feature.

Another cool feature:

AirDog uses a preset timer before it takes off to save battery life, this gives you time to paddle out and once you’re ready to catch a wave AirDog will fly-in, find you and start following. All automatically with a simple press of a button on AirLeash.


Alright people. School me on drones.

Looking for something to take with me hiking and on a few trips I have planed so portable and durable. Some cool sights and videos is the goal so nothing crazy. I have been looking at the GoPro Karma but trying to keep it on the cheaper side so any suggestions for something ready to go around the $400-$800 mark?


My gf’s nephew does drone videos for companies. He recently got back from Iceland. He uses a DJI Phantom 3 Profesional. Here’s one of his videos that he did for letchworth state park:


Seems like DJI seems to be the way to go. Is the only difference between the standard and pro is the camera? Seems like all I can seem to find is they are pretty similar except the pro has 4K vs the standard 2.7k video.

edit seems like I’m not the only one confused. https://myfirstdrone.com/tutorials/buying-guides/differences-between-all-four-phantom-3-models/