It’s amazing how well the gimbals work.


No cert needed for what I’m doing. And The FAA registration stuff was quashed by the courts last year, so you don’t need to register anymore.

So as long as you fit under the “special rule” you can fly in a lot of places, but yeah you can’t fly in a residential neighborhood.


i haven’t flown my for so long i didn’t even realize they changed that law.

i just re-read it and it does still say you cannot fly within 5 miles of any airport, which is most of our area from here to the falls and 99% of the city itself


I don’t think airports are that much of a restriction.

The small, private airports are not on this map, but this is a 5 mile radius from the Buffalo Airport:


So i’m not a drone guy but GoPro is out of the game, eh?


Yeah the Karma wasn’t that great. Pricey for what it was without having it’s own camera. I’m sure there will be a fire sale on them soon.


now when I use the FAA app, it shows no fly zones coming from every small airport also, hmmmm

the app is b4ufly put out by the FAA, check it out


I would double check the app/map that you are using. This doesn’t even show the Niagara Falls Airbase. Try flying there and you could be in some serious shit.


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A better shot of restricted space over the northtowns.


Well, yeah I wouldn’t fly near an AFB, lol. This map is really good: http://knowbeforeyoufly.org/air-space-map/

I’m going to mostly be flying over the lake near the city so I’m clear.

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I can’t embed it here, but if anyone is interested here is the video of my flight yesterday: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AtLx22tC8MtUkr8eD4SGsAib2t-llQ

I was testing the scenic shot settings.


I was hoping at some point you’d get in your car and give that follow me thing a real test. Or at least try running around.


If anyone is interested, I’m looking to sell the drone that I got. It’s a Phantom 3 Standard. It’s been smacked into the ground.

Mechanically, it’s perfect. I fixed a few things on it. The shell has a few minor blemishes from the impact. Doesn’t affect the functionality at all. Includes carrying case and a few spare props. Looking to get $350 for it.


That’s the next step. I did have it out at night once while I was running around and it’s super responsive. It has a 45mph top speed too.


it also looks to me like that map doesn’t include canadian airports, which on the b4ufly app shows they overlap over the lake between buffalo and canada.

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tested it with my chroma, thought with only a top speed around 20


Screenshot? The only airport that could be causing that is the old Fort Eire airport (that doesn’t exist anymore) because even the Niagara South airport which is grass and private doesn’t touch the lake:



I’m no tinfoil hat kind of person, but i was down in the lewiston gorge(right near artpark) with my chroma and took it up in the air. fully charged battery, got it off the ground, hovered for about 30 seconds, started to climb, about 5 seconds after it crested the top of the gorge, it lost all power and fell out of the sky, yambag was there to witness. i blame the AFB

this is with the heliports removed


looks like the canadian ones are no longer listed in there, haven’t checked this in a while. but it seems all of buffalo is still covered



Good to know @Skurge


That was not a good day. lol That suck flipped and drop like a rock. Lucked out no cars or people were hit. It would have done some serious damage from that height and drop.


@Skurge I see what you mean. It’s gotta be wrong though. There are definitely no airports on the west side of Buffalo, lol.


or none that you know about :snky: