I just picked up a dji spark with the fly more combo, definitely user friendly and the flymore combo is woth the extra 150 bucks


This blew me away. Hopefully they’ll get to the point where they can do it LIVE, reliably.


So the other day I thought it would be cool to get a drone shot of the city at sunset from Fort Erie. I sent the drone to max height & distance away from me out over the Niagara River. Then for whatever reason the drone lost connection…

I’m told this can happen for a number of reasons, the biggest being signal interference. I’m sure there is a good amount of signal interference in that area.

Eventually, after sitting there in the sky over the fast flowing water for a few minutes, the drone returned to its takeoff spot on it’s own. In the back of my head I knew it had some sort of fail-safe like this but at the time I couldn’t remember. That was a scary moment, lol.


I really thought this was going to end with a, “Jay, I know you snorkel there a lot, so if you see a drone I’d like the memory card back”.


Ha! I’ll keep that in mind!

I’m itching to film some cars with this too. I kinda want to get a high shot of the first cars & coffee but it’s not really in a drone friendly place.


Actually, I just filed for a waiver. The process was simple enough to submit so we’ll see.


That’s pretty close to the airport. I wonder if you’ll get denied.


I think I remember someone flying one there a few years ago. We’ll see.


I sold my Spark after it tried to fly a away a few times.

Currently looking for something else still have the Phantom


I’m sure they did. I doubt the FAA had any clue they did it though.


if you are interested in a chroma 1080p, I have one i haven’t flown in a while


I may be selling my P4 with a goprofessional hard case if anyone is interested

how many part 107 people do we have on here?

I fly for work and it actually is a service we offer under the reality capture umbrella. You all may know the Hotel Niagara renovation, took over 700 images and laser scanned the entire building. I will have to get some examples up


Have you ever filed an Airspace Authorization? If so, how long did it take for a response?

I filed one the other day to film at Cars & Coffee near the Buffalo Airport, but looks like that was the wrong step. Since I’m flying under 336 looks like all I need to do is contact the airport and tower directly for approval. The Airspace Authorization filing was unnecessary.


I have done a few air space authorizations by now

I have only done one through the new web portal though

So far it has taken about 6-7 weeks for a response…

for those of you that dont know, in the near future, we will be able to obtain instant approval

all airports are creating grids that fall within their controlled airspace and specifying a max altitude for UAS flights…really looking forward to that

but yes for 336 (hobbyist) you do not need to file authorizations…if you have not taken your 107 yet I highly suggest it so that even when you are flying recreationaly you understand how to read a sectional chart


Thanks :tup:

And yeah it doesn’t seem that hard to do the 107 so why not.

The portal says under 336 I need to notify the airport AND tower to fly under 5 miles. They link me to this: https://nfdc.faa.gov/nfdcApps/services/ajv5/airportDisplay.jsp?airportId=buf

There are two numbers listed there that I’m going to try to call.


I would be curious to hear how they react to you calling…I would be surprised if any hobbyists actually are calling

It is kind of a weird thing too (reason why i say learn the sectional charts) when they say within 5 miles, you are not always in regulated airpsace so if you are aware of that i woudlnt find it necessary to call at all (which is what the tower will just tell you when and if you did call)


Well the reason I feel like I need to call is that Cars & Coffee is in a parking lot very close to one of the airport landings / approaches. I want to go up 100 feet, get an overview shot, then come back down. It’s not that high and it’ll only be for a few minutes, but you know how some people are when it comes to drones and I’m thinking someone might bitch about it.


The use of drones in this video is pretty amazing:


That’s some amazing drone footage.