This Skydio R1 is next level:


Last night at the fireworks downtown Buffalo there were at least 4 drones flying around shooting the show. One guy was a bit more reckless and it looked like he flew right through the explosions, but that could have been my viewing angle.


How were the fireworks at canalside? The barge went by Riverworks while we were having lunch and they were setting it up across from canalside when we went back out to the lake. Much betting launching point using the barge (vs launching them from the outer harbor and having half the show obscured by the silos) but I was not impressed by the amount of single shot at a time and pretty weak finale the last time we saw fireworks there.

Also, if your boat was slipped at First Buffalo Marina you might want to go check it out today and see how it is. That barge was way too close to those boats IMO.


@JayS they were pretty good actually. I can’t compare them to last year because last year I was in the middle of the lake watching them.

Yeah, some of the fireworks looked much too close to even the people at Canal Side. But again my perspective was a bit skewed.




Back yard innovation…




Another awesome drifting video with great drone footage:


Kid makes ducted drone. Great idea: