It’s cool and definitely impressive flying but I feel the pilot is trying to do way too much. There are some really sick drone drifting videos out there that for me, I feel are much better done.

Cheektowaga gets drone delivery tests. I wonder why they were picked?


Because CheektaVegas silly.

Well, you knew it was a matter of time:

The drone will broadcast its serial number during flight. It will also include information on the location of the drone, its altitude, speed, and direction of flight. In addition, either the takeoff location or the controller’s location will also be made available as part of what the FAA calls the “message.” Most likely, either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will be used to broadcast the signal.

People on the ground who are equipped with a smartphone will be able to use an app to receive the message and find information about the aircraft and the pilot. The FAA, law enforcement and other federal agencies will also have the ability to cross-reference the license plate number and access the pilot’s personal information. The general public won’t be able to do that.

Looks like a lot more DIY drones using parts from Banggood. :slight_smile:


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That is sweet, but as he stated, ruined the drone. Very cool view though.

I’m sure the money he’s making off the hits more than paid for the drone.

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Hell, if the word gets out on what drone he used, they may toss him a new one for marketing reasons.

Bump. Picked up a new toy on Father’s Day, Happymodel Mobula 6 HD. I really wanted the Mobula 7 HD but it’s very new and out of stock everywhere, so I just ordered the $4 Mobula 7 frame and $3 set of props and swapped the 6 components over to the 7 frame. It flies really well and since it’s so light and has ducted props I can rip it around inside the house without damaging anything.

Here’s one flying pretty slow, just trying to fly through small gaps around the yard. The wind was no helping.

And here’s one ripping. Still kind of breezy.

I’ll post some indoor rips later. Right now the only vids I have my wife is hanging out at the kitchen island and she doesn’t appreciate being youtube drone video famous. If you’re FB friends with me you’ve seen an indoor drone vid.

Also, yes, my deck looks like crap. All the supplies to redo it with Trex are getting delivered 7/1.


That does look like fun.

It’s a blast. I’ve flown RC stuff since I was a kid but the first time I tried flying via first person view (FPV) it was a total game changer. Even with my entry level analog headset it’s like you’re actually in the quad flying. Going to be even better when I step up to DJI’s digital HD FPV goggles. Just waiting because there are a ton of rumors and speculation in the hobby about DJI releasing their V3 goggles soon.

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I used to race r/c cars when I was a kid. Never had the money to fly anything other than a what would now be a crappy simulator that was at the hobby shop in Tonawnada.

The cheap-o quad copters I have used are all cheap enough that by the time I get it to hover w/o drifting, I only have a minute or two left for flying :slight_smile:

What’s the current setup again you are running and what are we looking at for pricing to get this setup? I’m super interested. lol I have a decent collection already of RC but nothing FPV and I know I’d love it.

My current stuff is really old. This hobby changes so fast it’s tough to keep up.

Here’s a good couple of starter drones:

The Mobula 6 HD is great right out of the box, but I had a ton of 1s 450mah batteries already so I swapped to the Mobula 7 frame and props so I could use those and get more run time. It also flies a little better IMO.

ELRS (Also called ExpressLRS) receivers are definitely going to become the standard so either look for a radio with ELRS, or one you can easily add the module to. This is the one I have, there are probably newer better options now but it works great for me:

The ELRS modules for that radio are like $30-$40, but the internal chip will support most current stuff in either D8, D16 or RSX-R.

Never has there been a more Chinese product name

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I do already have a Spectrum Transmitter. I want to say a DX6i. So that should be sufficient to fly. I’d need the drone and goggles. I’ll start looking into these though, thank you.