Flight Log will have all that info, including max altitude…just saying

I would also be interested to hear how many of you all actually are drone owners or have any sort of legitimate UAV “flight” experience

Not to say you shouldn’t have an opinion on the matter if you do not own one but I think it is difficult to properly see all sides

If its not clear already I don’t see anything wrong with this and it is not a big deal what so ever I could care less about the average Joe having to take 5 minutes typing in his name on the FAA site…and if you dont want to…Dont do it…simple as that

What everyone should be much more concerned with is commercial use…

I hope they are using this as a test to then decide what to do commercially…I will say the more poeple that fight this you will do nothing but hurt the chances for those that want to fly commercially without a pilots license

If the FAA has a channel to distribute information…(your name and email)… they will feel much better about relaxed commercial regulations, i would hope


Looks like my Syma X5C is exempt which really makes no sense because im sure it can do 400 feet


You do realize the majority of hobby level ones on the market don’t have this right? Not to mention you’re under no obligation to provide it to an agent investigating an encounter with a commercial airliner without a warrant, something the agent wouldn’t have probable cause to get for everyone on a drone registry simply because they have a drone.

PS… I’ve been flying RC stuff since I was 10.


A large number of drones don’t use GPS

flight log :lol: :lol: :lol:


I understand, just saying that it is possible for them in some cases to see where you have been

Has anyone read the articles that claim cell towers have the ability to track these? I never finished the article and wasn’t sure how legitimate the theory


Thoughts on this?



^ When the Japanese or Germans start building them give me a call. :slight_smile:


Microsoft just sent me one of these Crazyflie 2.0 drones. Seems like its pretty open to being modified and controlled with various parts so excited to play with it. Mostly indoors tho, not anything you are going to take outside at 27g



Someone gave me a phantom 3 pro, but I’m thinking of getting an inspire pro to film some motorcycle movies… Anyone have one?


fyi, my buddy Varun @slipperysilvia owns a couple drone stores in Canada… they have more than a dozen locations in the US too www.dronesplus.com


Been playing with the Crazyflie 2.0. Cool as hell if you are into the maker/hacker space. Everything is open source so you can hack away, a VM to run that includes full in flight controls with a 1km range if you want the USB adapter with antenna, and a iOS app for bluetooth. Can’t believe this thing is $250+ but really cool for sure. There is more parts, people hacking together in flight cameras, and stuff but not sure I am going to get into that.





That looks awesome.



I’d definitely watch/try that.


You should look into the Blade Chroma 4k or 1080p. After, check out the Wand you can get. You can place the wand in a band on say your arm, the quad/drone has a follow me feature. You also can point where you’d like to with the wand and the drone will go there.

Edit: Be careful which you look into getting as some do not even start up within a 5 Mile radius of an airport. Inspire may be one of them iirc.


Wow, How did I miss this thread?

I have been into sUAV’s “drones” for years.

Here is what I use, Modified blade 350qx3 with a cgo2 gimbal and camera…


Here are a few vids…
Zoar Valley




Rc cars haha…


And my channel…Check it out

I will also be teaching the NCCC course when that comes to fruition so keep an eye out for that. And let me know if you need some footage for yourself too.


Don’t you or aren’t you going to need a pilots license for done photography now if you are doing it for money? I thought I remember the surge of hot air balloon pilot enrollment was due to how cheap it was to get a basic pilot license compared to the commercial air time you needed and costs.


you need to obtain a section 333 exception for ANY commercial work…you dont need to be licensed to get that exception but it specifies that all operators must be

new regulations are due in the next few months and the proposed version is much more relaxed where you basically take a online aeronautical knowledge test to get a commercial uav license…HOPEFULLY that is the direction they go

or people will just continue to ignore it…the only people who bitch are those that have a 333

and there has only been one instance of anyone having charges pressed (Kentucky kid) and he just paid a couple hundred dollar fine


Now this is incredible and I’d love to be able to do this!!


Someone should have grabbed the racing drone I was selling