DSG vs Manual: 2012 Jetta GLI


Which would you choose, and why?

Manual, because I do not care for DSGs. I feel more “in control” of the car when i roll thru the gears on my own

The manual in the GLI is really easy to drive if it’s anything like the MK6 GTI.

stop by the store, i have one of both

see which one you like more for yourself

oh and FYI, the 40k service requires you to do a $250 service just to flush the transmission

Id much rather have a real stick shift than a wannabe stick shift.

Shifting an automatic once or twice is cool, after that its completely pointless. My mother has a manually shifted automatic in her car and I really dont understand the point of it. She never uses that feature.

DSG is more like a manual than an auto… Just an FYI for the PJB’ers


The Direct Shift Gearbox is much different than a conventional automatic with manual mode. It changes gears like a manual with quick, firm shifts.

but cant you just put it in drive and go when you dont feel like shifting it?

That’s the beauty of it.

The maintenance doesn’t necessarily bother me, it’s the reliability.

I have a DSG 2008 GTI. The DSG is awesome. Am I driving to work at 7am half awake? Throw it in D and just save gas. Do I want to have fun w/o thinking? Put it in Sport and let it upshift and downshift (with rev matching) for you. Want to have full control? Put it in manual mode and hammer on the flappy paddles.

All that said. It does not have the same involvement as a normal stick shift. Your left foot is still bored. But it is the best compromise. Able to get 30+ mpg, and able to be blistering fast.

I know AMDISTHEBEST has the DSG in his TDI, hopefully he’ll chime in with his two cents.

Did they put a real rear suspension in the GLI’s or do they still have the lame twist beam?

I don’t have a lot of experience with a DSG, but the best way I can describe it is that its basically just like gran turismo. Hit R1 for upshifts, R2 for downshifts. Pretty cool, I’d like to play with one more, but its likely pretty odd feeling not having any clutch control.

I’d get the DSG. You get the best (possibly better) of both worlds.

4 wheel independent on the GLI. It’s a sweet daily driver. I’m going to drive both but I think I’d want the manual. It’s the same powertrain as the GTI and that thing with a stick is easy to drive. The GLI has hillstart assist too haha. Fucking new cars and their amenities

DSG is sick. When I buy new S4, it will be a DSG. Wish my new ride was! Paddle shifters are so fun. Nick will chime in I’m sure.

I’ve talked to AMD about it and he loves it. I drove an R32 with DSG and loved it. Would buy one.

Only thing I don’t like about my DSG is the car sounds like it is farting when I shift while on it.

In regards to the APR ECU upgrade - any idea if that DSG can handle 300+ tq for 100,000 miles?

I’ve had my stage 1 APR upgrade for over a year. no problems, aside from traction. No slippage even when I use launch control.

The GLI doesn’t have launch control which = teh suck.