Dunnville Autodrome repaved????

So I live in Dunnville and I was at the airport over the weekend…Me and my buddy noticed that the entire autodrome road course has been freshly re-surfaced. Walked it to be sure.

With living in Dunnville I keep an eye on it and know the farmers don’t use it, the windmill tech’s don’t either.

And Canada’s Worst driver didn’t touch it in the last season either. Plus it was minty freshly done. Still has the fresh ashphalt smell.

There was a demo derby and tractor pull there so I wonder if the noise violations are in review and if something is happening.

Any rumors?

Would be really cool if Dunnville re-opened, hope they got the residents to co-operate

interesting… would be nice to hit it up again just for nostalgia’s sake…

I’m sure they got a 1 day event reprieve from the noise. But if they did reopen I’d love to go back.