Dunnville autodrome officially closed indefinitely as of 3:00est

Just got word Dunnville autodrome is closed indefinitely.

I will be refunding all pre-paid slots for our upcoming track events.

Sorry everyone!


John / DIG Track Days

This is bullshit :\

Are you serious for how long and why? Fuck man just when I was going to go for the first time…

They have had a lawsuit for a long time. Too much noise for the neighbors with too much sand in their vagina’s.

It’s cause of the lawsuit? That didn’t seem to affect them before.

fuck seriously? thats pretty shitty.

i say we go burn down the trailer park there. then those fucks wont be able to complain anymore.

Hey John where are you going to run your track days now?

This is fuckin bullshit they talk all this shit about street racing and other bullshit but yet they fuckin close down tracks, every forum that uses Dunnville should hold a meet around there and tell everyone to rev their motors and do burnouts…

For the curious, I believe this is the douchebag responsible for starting the petition/rally against shutting down Dunnville: http://mouthofthegrand.blogspot.com/

wtf!!! wtf!!! wtf!!!

On a side note …

John does this mean DIG might possibly go to cayuga now? or possibly the mosport driver training track?

Yea I don’t get this. Now we’ve only got 1 track left that will do random lapping/drifting. Cayuga is more of a booked event type deal.

How do they expect us to “take it to the track” if we don’t have a track to take it to?

EDIT: And when we do have the track to take it to, there are police waiting to hand out tickets…

I’m so confused.

^^ no way

cayuga does tons of show-up-and-drive lapping events

i’ll be talking with the TMP road course manager in the future if there is no apparent resolution with dunnville in the forseeable future

Why cant we all go and burn down the peoples house’s that are complaining about noise i mean COME ON you know theres a track there when you moved in…

this is pretty sad, Ontario just keeps getting better :expressionless:

hopefully in the future it will reopen somehow and allow drifting again.

lites Molotov cocktail and trows at houses that complain about noise

theres no way it will be shut down for long lol, there is nothing else to do in dunnville. it’s in the middle of fuckin nowhere.

With the support of about 120 families who object to the Autodrome, Dunnville CARES was organized to oppose the rezoning application and continued operation of the Dunnville Autodrome

120 families? those loser families are gna turn over and die soon. who told them to live beside a AIRPORT! airplanes MAKE lots of noise! retarded? prejudice? yes.

HOW THE FUCK DOES, dunnville attract negative tourism?

90% of the men in this world want to see cars go fast, so how the fuck is that possible?


^^their wives have them by the nuts to sign that shit

Yea man, this is pretty ridiculous. First they ban drifting, now they close the track.

It was an airport before that, how the fuck can they complain about a racetrack. In what world does a car equal the same level of noise as an airplane.

This is just ridiculous.

On a side note, I keep remembering that video Bing posted of the onyx syndicate day, with that bitchy lady as the background music.


“honest to god…its annoying…its making my blood pressure rise!! I have to go to the doctor for it!!! The next thing you know im gonna have to sue ya because my health has gone bad because of your damn noise!! Stop it stop it stop it!!!”

How about they build a dirt wall around the track like TMP has? Seems like a reasonable solution.
That does suck, though. I wanted to go.