Stuffs crazy a friend’s dad is in Egypt right now. :eek:


Not for long if he’s smart. I’d be at the embassy grabbing the first airlift out of there that they could get me on.



here is one of the prayer pics… stop the protests mid-swing, prayer, resume protests… awesome


I still don’t see how rotating between praying and blowing shit up fits with any religion. Probably why I’m not very religious.


1,000,000+ marching now


Mubarek isn’t stepping down but he just said he won’t run for reelection in the fall. If they buy that and stop protesting they have the collective IQ of a turnip.


well in less than a week they shut down their economy, shut down their internet, dissolved their government and then he agreed to no seek re-election… another week and he’ll have a sex-change operation


Getting shitty over there… Anderson Cooper punched in the face & other reporters in hospitals, reports of government officials paying people who have been out of work and hungry to protest against the anti-government movement… and using American money to do it, lol.

And this is the video of the day:


6 dead… this is not going to go away very soon.


Egyptian officials are saying the international media is responsible for the violence and protests…

Iran’s Ayatollah is now saying this is a Muslim awakening caused in part by their '79 revolution…

… This, ignoring all the rising food prices, high unemployment, broken government promises and more than half their country making less that $4 per day that we’ve heard were the real reasons FROM THE MOUTHS of the anti-government protesters via social media and first-hand reporting.

Misinformation in that part of the world can be deadly.


They aren’t the only ones trying to take credit or place blame for the revolution.

The Obama administration is discussing with Egyptian officials a proposal for President Hosni Mubarak to resign immediately and turn over power to a transitional government headed by Vice President Omar Suleiman with the support of the Egyptian military, administration officials and Arab diplomats said Thursday.


Yeah the left is saying this was started by Obama’s speech in Cairo in 2009, while the right is saying it was started by Condoleezza Rice’s speech in Cairo in 2005… uuhhgg. I’d post videos but they basically said the same thing; that the US is now on the side of Democracy and the people, not the oppressive government.

No one is going to want to take credit for this though if this turns out like Iran. And any involvement by the US is going to be played as “evil” no matter who’s in office.



:lol: :clap:


Saw some headline about the recently released google exec saying he would die for the cause, workers going on strike, and Friday being a day for martyrdom. Looks like the opposition is going to get more forceful. Too bad that Mubarek doesn’t get that if he left peacefully he’d have a shot at being allowed to live. If they’ve got to overthrow him by force I’m sure he’ll be killed one way or another.


They’re (the protesters) not going to kill him. They can’t get to him with the army mediating and pro-government forces in their way. If it’s done :snky: then maybe, but I don’t see a “tanks firing on the Russian White House” moment like in 1993;


Woah that’s sweet.


Although I have read that;

“If this thing continues or grows, the military will have to decide whether to stage a coup and order a crackdown,” said Michael W. Hanna, an Egypt expert at the New York-based Century Foundation. “In the meantime, the situation will not change unless the army decides to change it.”

So we’ll see.


Fucking terrifying to have a standing army that acts so independently. Good thing they seem to be acting for justice…


Riot police being moved into place right non in anticipation of an announcement… Everyone’s saying Mubarek is going to step down. Could happen at any moment. :tup:

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Mubarek out. Military in via coup.