Well so much for him leaving, lol. The VP has most of his presidential powers and the military is also acting as an arbiter.

People are PISSED after waiting all afternoon thinking this was the moment he’d go.


Ok, NOW this is accurate, lol.



pretty serious shit going on there right now… good for them… hard part starts now :slight_smile:


Sexy Lara Logan assualted in Egypt


Bing’s quote from another thread that’s relevant here:

So Egypt had parliamentary elections and the Muslim Brotherhood plus other hard-line Muslim parties won 3/4 of the seats. And since the crazy soccer riot deaths they’ve been calling to replace the higher military government with a government and leader that represents them; the elected majority. They’ve even come out against several secular initiatives including a woman’s political council.

Things don’t seem to be going the right way.


Gonna end up with SSDD eventually…


oh 1 year bump


Congrats Egypt on your first Muslim Brotherhood president and potential religious autocracy :tdown:

The only thing preventing this now is the military.


Silly Muslims. They love them some Allah.


So what is proper etiquette? Do we have to let them finish unpacking all their boxes in the great pyramid (that is Egypt’s whitehouse right?) before we start making noise about WMD’s?


Yes, they get the extended move-in plan because they don’t have much oil.


lol, we wait to see what the military decides to do. More waiting…

“Arab spring forward -> Arab fall back.”


do like.

interesting talk on TED the other day talking about how the social media tools help lower the cost of effective dissent and protest but do not address the issue of leadership amongst dissenters. As a result you create a power vacuum without representation from the rebel-class.

how are Tunisia and Libya doing?


Well looks like the military is out of power…

lol @ “Stunning!” Who knew a Muslim brotherhood president would try to consolidate power, lol.


Guess I’ll bump this one as well. Has anyone in North America actually see this video that is causing Muslims to kill people in Libya and storm our embassy in Egypt? Anyone have a link?


And take two in Egypt. New Muslim Brotherhood President’s place stormed and torched by protesters. The military says the two sides have two days to work out an agreement or they’re going to step in, probably with another coup.


^^^ Moved your last post to this thread Joe.

There are 17 million people (granted in multiple locations) marching and protesting in Egypt. There were what, 1 million last time in the square?

But if you go back and read this thread, this was predictable. Although it seems like most of the media doesn’t care this time around.

… And the military hopefully can correct this again… although the last time they helped and gave the people power, the people chose shitty…

There was enough information (social media, etc.) out there for an effective take down of Mubarak (a shitty but SECULAR government) yet the same informed people were totally duped by the Muslim Brotherhood into thinking they would get more freedoms under a religious party & leader. Maybe 2nd time’s the charm?

Side note, imagine if our military was a co-equal branch of government like in Egypt? :eek:


Same shit, different dictator. As long as this region is so hardcore about religion it will be tough for them to ever get their shit together.


lol: Mubarak, from his hospital bed, is calling for Morsi to step down. Incredible :tup: