Eliminating Resonator

In process of replacing exhaust on my 92. My resonator is basically shot and I was going to simply replace it with a straight peice of pipe. Do any of you for see any problem with doing that?



using a straight pipe in place of a resonator will make even the nicest muffler sound like ass… it’ll be loud and raspy.

I wouldn’t say that, If hes getting an OEM Replacement muffler it
sounds awesome with a CAI but if you plan on going with a straight
through canister style muffler then I would say leave it in there.

are you running a KA?? if so prepare for a LOUD LOUD exhaust!!!
i suggest getting a new one + a CAT screw the -.5 HP loss and save your self the headache of driving it.

Back fire… pop pop pop… fairly loud depending on the type of muffler you’re using, but its a matter of opinion, I have no res. on 2.5" cat back with a 3" outlet on my muffler, it’s a little raspy at times but I don’t mind it.


For a daily driver you need a res.

my stock exhuast has no resonator. Sounds fine, super sexy with the SR at WOT though.

ka without resonator = sound like a civic with bad exhaust.

turbo cars sound fine without resonator, the turbo muffles most of the sound anyway.

Mine is completly stock with no resonator. I think it sounds good, still quiet, but coupled with the intake resonator removed it still has a nice bass-y tone.


Well I guess the jury is out on whether it sounds good or bad, so I guess I’ll give it a shot. By the way I do have a stock muffler, so I suppose it won’t be all too loud, no that I mind loud anyway!

Freak if you were nearby I’d simply buy that exhaust off of you!

Good!! my SR sraight pipe
bad!! my KA straight pipe

“ka without resonator = sound like a civic with bad exhaust” perfect description!!