Etiquette for cruises...

Just a quick note, it would be much safer and more fun if people respect the order of the cars that are out. If you clearly dont have a car out that night that is in the mix, dont cut off all of the cars that are, just to get up front. It is annoying and dangerous to run a cruise with cars that cant stop or go as fast as those in the mix, but they keep pushing their way to the front anyway. When I first got my car, I shut my mouth, went to the end of the line, and worked my way up. It works, try it.


also… learn where the F ppl are going… If this is your first time doing a route, sit back, relax and enjoy the cruise looking at lots of tail lights. Don’t jump ahead then be in the completely wrong lane… and cut across because you thought ppl were going straight. but they are actually using the next exit.

yea this is why i tend to only cruise with people i know :stuck_out_tongue:

Well we try that, but where ever we went we picked up stragglers, and I wasnt leading the cruise, so we didnt lose them this time :slight_smile: . I dont get why you would want to cruise with a bunch of cars that are the compete opposite of what you drive, but, if we have to deal with them, they could atleast GET BACK

I should get to know some slow azz people to cruise with. heh


also along the same lines. Dont think your cool and race right infront of where everyone is hanging out. Because that gets us kicked out, attracks cops, and stops us from going anywhere since now the cops are watching.

im not sure if the original comment was directed at me (black s13 coupe), but it seems that way. who exactly did i cut off? i dident really think of that as a cruise, i think it was shifty that told us you guys were going to taffys and we should just swing up there, so we did. i really dont think i cut anyone off, all the domestics were in the right lane except one, so i went in the left lane. i knew where i was going, taffys, its 3mins from my house. when i do cruise i usually am toward the back, i know the whole drill and i respect it, and im sure theres enough people that would back m up on this. im not trying to be cocky at all with this post and dont want to start any drama but i rly dont think i did anything wrong?? who knows maybe this wasent even about me and i wasted my time typing that

oh crap here comes drama

he is more referring to later on in the night after taffys. I dont know if you were still with us at that point or not. So this isnt directed at you

oo lol ok awesome

Yeah I dont know who was where when, if I was calling someone out then I would do it in person to just them. This is a general heads up that might help and it might not. It just has been going on for a long time and I would have figured people would get it by now. If I’m out and dont have my car for whatever reason, I get a ride in a fast car or stay back, preferably not even going for the cruise at all. On days I have my car, I expect to be able to get to the front. If someone else wants to race, we know about it and get out of the way to get them up front. Its just the way it works.

Very good points. I also think if people knwo they have a slwoer car they should stick to the back and play with cars that are more their speed. I wouldn’t run next to Xander for example, and wouldn’t waste his gas or mine trying. Everyone knows their own car enough to know where it should be and what it can and cannot handle. Don’t push it to the limits tyring to keep up. :slight_smile:

yea i totally agree with all of this stuff, possible sticky? idk

Use your fucking turn signals.

[size=4]If you do not have enough time to apply your turn signal, wait a few seconds, and then change lanes… Then you don’t have enough time to change lanes. :crap: [/size]

Be courtious to people not in the ‘cruise’ group, i.e. people getting from point A to B with their puppy, children, whatever. I could go on and on about ‘cruising’, but I am not going to change the world. The very least you could do is TRY to be smart about it. I know that is beyond some of you.

also dont ride up on someones ass because you know as soon as they take off you cant keep up. seems ive had that one happen to me quite a bit :bloated:

Also make sure you aim your headlights properly. :bloated:

Give it up Mark, people are too stupid to figure that out, even if you spell it out for them. You gotta just stick with peeps you trust.

Someone is really gonna fuck up their car/someone else’s car before the year is out.

theres a reason my lebaron was always the back of the pack … because i knew it was a lebaron !!!

if anyone faster was behind me, it was their decision and not mine , but if they had wanted to pass, i would have made sure they had the time and the space for safety reasons

this kind of stuff is why the southtowns cruises are always limited on the number of cars that are allowed to attend. the one time we had 15 cars it was just to much and the 6-8 car cruises were always more fun for everyone

Aint that the truth. Well figured it was worth 1 try online, esp. because I wasnt driving last night. Had I been, I would have gotten the cruise away from them, or shook the shit out of them once they cut me off.