evo8 > cobra

ok, it wasn’t a cobra, but driving down XXX with a friend of mine, i spot a black 2003 mustang with some racing stripe and lots of italian stickers… I figure he will be down to play, and after chasing him down a little bit, finally get up to him and get a good look at the car… he had put on cobra badges… but it was just a GT.

i pull up on the left and he’s on the phone but I look at his girl…
me: “Is it a Cobra?”
she asks her boyfriend and he nods, so she says “yea”
me: “no its not, wanna race?”

by this point he is off the phone and we are stopped at a light with cars in front of us

him: “its not a cobra, but its souped up… upper and lower intake manifolds” :bloated:
me: “okkkk”

so anyways we decide to go from a slow roll so i downshift to 2nd… 3 beeps and we are off… by the 2-3 im at at least a car and half, i didn’t even need to rev out 3rd and he was already 4+ cars back- we are about to come up to a light so i decide just to shutdown without going to 4th

he eventually catches up, gives the :tup: says “nice ride”, i grant him the same gestures and we go on our merry way

cliffs: evo pulls a ‘modded’ and ‘badged’ GT, good guy … hot chick ( i think she wanted a ride in the recaros )

nice kill, i hate mustangs

ahaha hah ha …

yea … upper and lower intakes make it a cobra :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahhahaa sounds like a kid i know with a 5.0 mustang making 20psi, just from the aftermarket manifold, without a s/c or turbo

he must mean 20 inches of vacuum

or 20 inches of penis

in his butt

It was funny…

but to be fair he was a cool guy about it.

at least he was cool about it after u called him on the badges … theres so many people out there claiming they have a real vtec / cobra /slp / ect car and will stand by it even if you ran the vin and proved them wrong

hell … people will stand there telling you their cooper S is all wheel drive too, lol

haha yea, some people are just either dumb or want something so bad that they mentally make themselves think they have it…

nice kill :tup:

lower intake manifolds are HUGE power adders…

and when combined with uppers, theyre UNSTOPPABLE

roffle…upper and lower intakes

nice first solid kill adam :tup: