Fashion Thread: Men's Accessories

So we have a great watch thread on nyspeed, time for more threads on things that guys should care about.

I had some money in paypal and decided to buy a bunch of stuff off ebay and elsewhere… picked up a couple cool things in the past couple weeks.

Here are some of mine, let’s see some of yours.

Firstly, i found a need for some collar stays recently and i did pick up a cool little jar of them at Brook’s Brothers for like $9. They also had an ILL brass, engraved set but it was like $65… i don’t need that shit… plus it seems like it would fuck you up through customs at the airport.

Also sought out and picked up these genuine carbon fibre collar stays (set of 4)… also picked up a carbon fibre money clip… all of it quite awesome and very very cheap… under $20 shipped for each.

closer up

I have also been looking for some casual driving gloves. I have STANCE gloves for track days, but something more for just ripping around. My dad used to have open back driving gloves and i havent been able to find them anywhere.

I happened across these on ebay. Martin Dingman is a US company out of texas i think. All items are made by hand and while they specialize in shoes, belts and other leather goods they also made some pretty sick driving gloves.

The packaging was pretty great too.

They have a seam along the fingers which makes them a bit bulkier than i’d prefer, but the quality is pretty incredible. Made by hand in Italy.

G-Shock and Livestrong wrist band… Bout it.

diesel watch, timberland dress shoes thats about it for me

my only accessory -


pics you fggts

ive got about 40 pair of sneakers

does that count?

i used to wear a watch all the time but recently i find it more of a nuisance then anything.

i guess my raybans are an accessory?

where i’m going with this is that as we get older we get better jobs and are required to dress like men…

then there are the younger guys that need some guidance. I certainly havent got it all figured out yet, but i’m trying :slight_smile:

Accesories are a key point of differentiation. A full-on fashion / clothing / style thread (or section) is not what this is about… yet :slight_smile:

There are some great advisory tools on youtube.

I approve of this thread.

I get a daily email from

has a lot of fashion, exercise, diet, and other manly info. some are actually worth reading. A lot of them are vintage/timeless

I’m a burberry man, have quite a few shirts, a jacket and two wallets.

My thin wallet for dress pants etc when I don’t need the full deal.

My everyday wallet, don’t have an actual pic but this is the same.

so much fail in my life when it comes to this… I have the same black nylon velcro tri-fold wallet from the PX in basic training. lol

Addicted to G-shocks, Denim, Nikes and Vans.

I prefer Ben Sherman when it comes to dressing nice. As for accessories I have some skull cuff links and a Kershaw Ken Onion knife. That’s it.

santi, less hipster in this thread please :slight_smile:

those glasses better be a heavy perscription !!!

I love the driving gloves!!!

Neat, I signed up…

At my current job we don’t wear suit and tie’s at corporate office. A lot of the guys have nice watches but no one’s extravagant. The owner of the company doesn’t have anything to suggest his net worth exceeds 500m (my best guess) and dresses well but simple.

I’ve gone opposite to having accessories and make sure my clothes match in colour (regardless of pattern) and my belt matches my shoes.

I think I should get a watch though… Most men notice if you wear a watch or not and I think having something better than average is worth it.

i just bought an hermes tie and its probably the slickest thing i own.

my favorite tie company is alexander olch. $200 for a tie is worth it when they are this awesome, i just rarely have occasion to wear mine.

im currently looking for some malcolm x style eyeglasses and a nice pair of driving gloves. i found some nice natural leather gloves that were cashmere lined but designed in a military spec/tactical pattern that i almost paid $500 for but i held back. kinda regretting it now.

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also, livestrong bracelets are inherently NOT hipster.

Shouldn’t threads like this be on to sk360 they should!


this stuff matters, a lot. if your profession is in a more technical field like a tradesmen or something, then it wont matter at work. However, if that is you, then casual or formal opportunities should be taken better advantage of since they are fewer and further between… like weddings, holiday parties, etc. etc.

this is 100x truer if you’re single. Guys who look like shit get women who also look like shit and they raise kids that… well you know.

take at least half as much pride in yourself as you do in your car and everyone on here should be fine :slight_smile:

Took the words out of my mouth. Tradesmen or not, looking good outside of work could land you your next job.

But then again, this is coming from someone who wears neon watches.