FCC loses ruling :(


The government doesn’t have complete control of the internet


Not yet. :tinfoilhat:


OC3s are :tif: its old telco technology and its only 155Mb

You want Gig Ethernet


Is it really complete control though? Just because there is a potential for an abuse of power, doesn’t mean anything. If other parts of the government think the FCC is wrong, they will step in. That is exactly what we have seen by the court ruling in the OP. Seems like the FCC is the good guy here.


Not ever do you realize the root name server are distributed and not controlled by the government.

You also have to understand BGP and peering relationships the government can’t just assume control of the internet it doesn’t work like that.


Well, China’s “supreme firewall” or what ever they call it does a pretty good job. But then again, that would never fly here with that pesky first amendment. I mean our courts just ruled that free speech is such an inalienable right that you can’t even limit corporate spending on election propaganda. But somehow this same government is going to stop you from visiting web sites it doesn’t approve of? The paranoid people really need to stop taking so many “what if” pills and come back down to reality with the rest of us.


I know but it gives them too much authority. For all we know they can end up blocking servers/web pages just like China (with Googles help) has been doing to control the flow of information. I just don’t trust them on this.


better to trust the big corporations?


China goverment owned ISPs vs Privately owned American ISPs

Maybe the US government will ban library’s and make us burn books?

The net neutrality thing was mainly about ISPs controlling traffic and not having the ability to prioritize/rate limit customer traffic.


I’m gonna leave off on the note I said earlier… I think it needs revision before I support it. :tup:


I’m not sure how that will work…

Broadband comes in many different forms.

Vital infrastructure like electric, natural gas, water don’t come in different variants.


man, glitch sounds even worse than Blue Eyed Devil, with his crazy theories of the government blocking our tubes.

I will rebel against my country the day that the FCC starts blocking my porn.




FCC smacked around ISPs be reclassifying broadband recently.

Also I love all the people upset with whats currently going on with net neutrality who have no understanding of how the internet works and just want to stick with party lines.


My beef with all of this is that I HATE that it’s come down to government involvement to inflict change. We’ve basically fucked ourselves by not having enough competition in the ISP space.

Areas where Google Fiber is moving into are seeing the affect of the free market. We (Raleigh/Durham) are seeing the affects of it now. Google shows up waving around Fiber and all of the sudden Time Warner is bumping speeds and now U-Verse is trying to push “gigabit” connections out. And if consumers are upset that ISPs are throttling Netflix, then they should have the option to move to an ISP that DOESN’T throttle any services or w/e.

Basically, It’s my OPINION that free market with healthy competition would regulate itself, but in too many places consumers have zero competition and no leg to stand on when they get taken advantage of.

So I am begrudgingly supportive of the re-classification, because I think it’s the only way forward for much of the nation where competition will never exist.


That is pretty much how I feel Comcast/TWC/Verizon have a death grip on consumer internet connections.


What’s scarier is if the TW/Comcast merger ever happens More than half the US has one realistic option for Internet and Cable.


This thread reminds me how much glitch sucked.


I’m having fun on Facebook with people who are against this but have no idea why other than the government and obama sucks.

It’s funny when the ONLY group against this is comcast/twc/verzion all of which consumers hate

And Amazon/Google/etc are all for it all of which consumers love

It’s also entertaining that people think OMG THE GOVERNMENT IS SUDDENLY INVOLVED in the internet skipping the fact it was started by DAPRA and has been heavily funded/subsidized by the government.

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I think the fear is the FCC will then restrict content on the internet?


I have strong libertarian leanings but it’s stuff like this that makes me dislike that party. I’m all for small government and free markets but sometimes you have to step back from your anti-government bunker and go, “Hmmm, Verizon is selling me 50MB unlimited internet, but then making the most popular site on the internet (Netflix) barely work at 56k dialup speed. Maybe someone needs to regulate this.”

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I think the fear is in recent history the government has fucked up everything it touches and people are hesitant to give them more control of the internet. Look at the approval ratings of congress and the president and tell me you’re surprised there are people against this latest net neutrality push. Everyone likes the idea of neutrality I think they just expect the government to make it worse not better.