FCC loses ruling :(


Any government involvement (fcc or congress) sets a precedent that government can and will impose regulations if they feel it’s necessary.

Again, the alternative is worse, but it’s a fair point that regulation CAN hurt the Internet.


It’s entertaining because not so long ago the government gave up control at ICANN


To be fair it’s not entirely cut and dry…This is good, this is bad. It more so, this option sucks less than the alternative.


:tup: Glad to see this happening now. I’ve been in favor from the beginning. And welcome to the club of trying to argue with the anti-Obama crowd. If he likes it, it must be bad! Screw you and your facts. Yay Comcast/TWC!


“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan!”

Can’t imagine why people are hesitant to hand the internet over to this guy. :slight_smile:


you socialist pig


lol Joe is a die hard.


So now everyone keeps mentioning some large document put together by the FCC about this I would love to read that before agreeing or disagreeing :slight_smile:


lol +1

We don’t even know what it does yet. We know in theory what everyone THINKS it’s going to do, but no one really knows. All we have is a “fact sheet.”

“Light-touch regulation” is an oxymoron though.


On a positive note the internet and technology sector is the one the US has going for it and if they try anything stupid Google/Amazon/Apple have a lot of pull.


Poll: Most Americans don’t understand what the fuck they’re talking about but oppose it anyway. :roflpicard:


How is that new internet coming along. I have read about a couple of different people/companies who want to start their own. I don’t even understand how that is possible but I read it on the internets so it must be true.


It passed guess we will find out whats in it.

I do love that people who have 0 idea how the internet works are taking a stand and bitching about this


What’s to understand? They do porn over there and it gets over here…


I heard it passed. Is that why I can’t get to tube8? Thanks Obama.


Is meatspin still up?

T-30 days until TW/Comcast merger





hey should we start talking about this again?

maybe rename thread to net neutrality thread?

i need to be told how to feel about it and how to sound smart in front of people when it comes up in conversation.


If you like the big telcos controlling what you can access and how fast, oppose net neutrality.
If you believe that all data should be treated equally, regardless of where your content is coming from, favor it.
If you think your ISP should be able to censor sites or make their content load like shit, or throttle their competitors, or let big business pay to throttle their competitors, favor.
Since you like all the rest of the Republican view points that screw the little guy and help big business, I imagine you’re against net neutrality. It’s basically creating a pay to play system.

Example, say AT&T goes through with buying Time Warner/HBO. Currently they can’t make HBO GO run perfectly on my AT&T home or mobile internet and Showtime Anytime run like shit. If Trump’s cronies at the FCC now have their way, they could basically hold all video services they don’t own hostage unless either the consumer or provider pays them more. Also makes it really easy to push an agenda by basically limiting people’s access to opposing viewpoints.