@LZ1 I’m learning…it’s only been since February! Still haven’t mastered the job quite yet.


I have to mow and weed-wack my 4-acre yard for my 4th party, but I’ll be on the beach all day tomorrow, so I don’t know how I’m going to fit it into my schedule.


I hate when I shave and one side of my face is slightly off from the other.


I have air bubbles under my screen protector on my iPhone.


Just get a new iPhone. Problem solved. Next.


I have the squeegee thing that comes with the ZAGG invisible shields. probably would work nicely


I’m considering adding on to my garage because the 2-car setup just isn’t big enough.


I have to have two cars because i can’t drive my 335i year round.


The clouds crossing past the sun keep setting off my security motion cameras causing them to repeatedly email me video clips of cloud shadows across my driveway.


I don’t have room to put my new 3D printer next to my 40w laser engraver, so I need to move the large format printer next to my desk. Idk what I’m going to do once my vinyl cutter comes in.


I put my contacts in today because I thought I would be wearing my sunglasses to play volleyball…this mild overcast is ruining my day.


I finished my packed lunch before lunch and im still hungry…now I have to drive down the block to get more food


My second home smells funny if I stay away for more than a week.




That’s mold… or bums…



I purposely chose to ignore Ray Rice’s domestic dispute incident during the offseason and decided to draft him for fantasy. I figured he’d be solid for week 3. Whoops.


I forgot my Chapstick at home -_-


I tried to put a picture on my refrigerator with a magnet,
but it won’t stick because it’s all stainless


My pellet stove took a long time for the fan to shut down after I turned it off and I had to turn up the volume with the remote for awhile.