Toilets are gross, and i have to lay paper on the seat before I sit on them.


This heavy raining is drowning out my surround sound, I guess I will have to turn it up a bit, but the remote is on the table, hopefully it doesnt rain long.


Just squat a little bit and let it rip,creates jobs.


Tried that once, got shit everywhere. Even on the plunger handle. Not a good day for whoever used that toilet next.


I’m upset that I won’t get my summer vacation this year, because I’m going to paid out of state training for two weeks and then paid training in Rochester for the whole month of July.


Doesn’t take much for me to believe this is true.




Had to turn the a/c down in my office.


My automatic watch winder broke. Im now forced to wind my Tag manually!



Stop peeking in my windows…Creep!




So hard to resist.


That’s what she said.


Planned on taking my 1974 Corvette coupe to a friends wedding but it is raining so I’ll have to take my 2000 Corvette convertible instead.


I don’t know which Lotus to drive later.






My laptop was hard to see from my office all week…too much glare.


@Joe I see you almost have working from home mastered the only issue is you’re actually working