I’ve bought that oil off the shelf. It’s good, but I prefer the oil they put on the subs. A whole cold turkey sub on white, with cheese, onions, lettuce, and oil, was always my Sunday hangover food of choice.


Drinks black coffee… puts this on shit. Wait…


I have to buy more keurig coffee for the machine that work bought for us :frowning:


i never said i used that stuff.

as a matter of fact since ive been here ive eaten in-n-out one time, then proceeded to feel like garbage. most likely from the fact that i hardly ever eat red meat.
(cheeseburger animal style with no spread and an order of fries)


Haha, I was just playing around. I’ve been out here since August and I haven’t had it more than 4-5 times. While it’s good, I’ve never felt good about myself after eating it, and i’ve never really craved it.

Black Coffee has been hard for me to get on board with. I’ve never been a sugar guy, but my girlfriend buys those flavored creamers which while I am sure they are terrible for you, are absofuckinglutely delicious…


Yeah, they totally suck. It’s like all the flavors melded into one bland flavor.




Forgot to set my mattress pad heater to auto shutoff, woke up all sweaty and had to shut it off myself.




My most recent real estate project will end up 4 grand over budget. Now I have to re-evaluate my expenses for my trip to the Keys in a couple weeks…


Got promoted and my assigned parking space is slightly further from my office than my general population parking space.


My non dairy creamers splash all over the countertop when I pour them in.


This, once you go black…

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“Daddy, do you want me to bring you a beer?”


“From which fridge?”


My bathing suit only has one pocket, now when I walk around with my phone and wallet my shorts are imbalanced, leading to mild discomfort


volunteered to work overtime sunday and today. missed out on the 2 nicest days we’ve had so far this year.


I bought the life proof case but because there’s water on my fingers I can’t use the fingerprint ID in the shower…

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Money is never worth a nice day.


Had the last 4 days off and paid holiday today. Had to much fun so i think ill use a personal day so i don’t have to work tuesday so i can recoup.