bought a coffee from McDonalds, asked for 2 creams and 2 sugars… they gave me the cream and sugar without putting it in the coffee for me. Now I have to take an extra minute and add the cream and sugar myself. bastards


7 creams, no sugar and I check it before I pull away.


its actually going to rain in LA tomorrow

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also if youre not drinking your coffee black youre doing it wrong


I’ll drink a good cup black. My tender guts can’t handle burnt to hell shit. That needs a lil color and granular action.


The people in the Wegman’s sub shop are always forgetting to put oil on my turkey sub. They ask if I want it, but then somehow forget to put it on. Twice I had a dry sub. Once it had mayo. Last time I double-checked and they had indeed forgot, so they gave it to me on the side. I guess that will have to do.


They suck and do not taste the same. I was so disappointed by them…


Deny it all when asked for mayo or oil and then request light oil put directly on the veggies later so they don’t forget. Or to keep them from pouring half a gallon of fucking oil directly onto the roll…


ask for sub sauce not oil, so much more awesome.


what is this sauce you speak of?


it is basically a very herby dressinig.


Just use this


GTFO of here with that delicious goodness. I hate that there are NO in an outs anywhere outside the south west


well at least you know where to source it :wink:



Getting a zit in your nose is not specific to the first world. Pop your zit and GTFO.

This is a first world problem.


Dude, you kind of missed the target here and you want to tell him to get with the thread?! To be honest, it was kind of a lame attempt.


I have to respectfully disagree with you gentlemen


Arghhhh…I hit a turkey sub about an hour ago and inquired about this “sub sauce”. Lady laughed and said that some people call their oil sub sauce and that’s its all one in the same. I was pumped about this sauce too haha.


I’m not going to sit here and agree with ubengineering, but if you have enough time to continually gripe about a nose pimple in an automotive forum… then that my friends is a first world problem.


Very much so


Bitch lied