I seen that on ifunny and immediately thought of this thread ^^


I tried to drift around a turn with a little snow on the road, but my snow tires prevented me from sliding…


My snowplow doesn’t always scrape down to bare pavement. Sooooo annoying.


I have perfectly good snows mounted and ready to bolt to my car, but I’m too lazy to put them on. My drive to work was a little more slick than I was used to today on my decent tread all seasons



I was too lazy to lower the power on the microwave when reheating my food, now its dry.


Ran out of wiper fluid in my rental yesterday had to use my green tea lemonade from starbucks :frowning:


I hate trying to do that at any speed over 30.
Just ends up over the roof and up my sleeve.



I have a zit in my nose -_-


How is that a first world problem?


My heated office isn’t warm enough today, but my heated seat was too hot on the ride in.


The grate that covers the compressor on my kegerator is loose and everytime the compressor kicks on it vibrates… God it’s SO ANNOYING


My computer lab is way too cold.


You serious bro!? Cause I’m complaining of a zit when there are people who happily fetch their water from a stream. Jeez get with the thread or GTFO


yeah but, I mean most people get zits at some point…If you said I have a zit and I’m all out of my $80 face scrub then it’d be FWP.


If you’re going to bump a thread after that long, you need a better one than that…


My Neuro Sonic drink didnt keep me focused today…


I had to drive my car all the way to my house to get an iPad because neither my laptop or desktop would run the application that I needed.


Listen, getting a zit in your nose sucks. Period.


Found out that Starburst makes mini’s which are already unwrapped. Now i can spend more time surfing the internet searching useless stuff.


Got a flat on my BMW. Now i have to wait for a tire and drive my other BMW :frowning: