My wheeler has to much power. I do AWD burnouts when racing people on pavment. :frowning:


I broke my smartphone and had to send it out for repair. Now I’m forced to use my back-up smartphone.



I bought 2 pairs of crappy express jeans because I wasn’t patient enough to wait to go the 7 for all mankind store, now my jeans aren’t as soft as they could be :\ :sad: :mad: :frown: :expressionless:


My wife’s family already owns 2 cottages on lake Champlain in Vermont. Her dad just bought a third one a few weeks ago, she tells me that and goes “but it’s not the one right on the water that I wanted him to buuuyyyyyy” all whiny like

Serious white girl 1st world problems


Man the fuck up.


my brand new diesel truck has too much emissions crap on it.
my snap on tool broke and he doesn’t have the free replacement tool on the truck.


I find this app strangly addicting…


No iOS really grinds my gears!!


We had breakfast delivered this morning for free, as we do most days… but today it’s cold bagels/cut up fruit and they didn’t bring any french vanilla creamer, just hazelnut. WTF.


ewww hazelnut bleh.


I’m out of coffee for my Keurig. I only have hazelnet left


Guess that one was a SnapOff ?





Yea paul we get shit over here


I work licensing, we get emails.


i need to take out my gt3 seats so i can access my back “seat” area more easily in the 911…since i only drive it once a week to the grocery store…


I work Logistics, we get nothing.


I’m buying everyone breakfast next paycheck.



I got a free Kingston 240g SSD today… ONLY 240G… THANKS KINGSTON FOR NOTHING.