I ate a huge breakfast and now I have to poop. But the bathrooms at work are dirty :frowning:


fffuuuuuu BEP!


Work is boring and the internet isn’t helping much.


Some used the last of my Q-tips and replaced them with cheap ass ones. I crashed your lambo, here is a prius.


fuck that was the best thing i’ve ever read. hahahahaha.

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i’m not the only one who hates this? hooray. i bring it up and everyone thinks i’m a control freak hahaha.


My pool is indoor, but its nice outside. I don’t want to swim inside.


I can’t boost my turbo ls1 yet


I have the whole day off, but it’s too hot to wash the convertible. So instead I have to sit inside and drink margaritas with the AC on. Grrr.


It’s so humid out that when I was playing angry birds on my I-phone, the touchscreen was slightly sticky causing me to mess up.


My huge yard is a little bumpy, now I have to pay someone to replace it.


My toilet paper is cheap and ripped so now I have to wash my hand. Well…I don’t HAVE to.




^^ well done. lol




I got tickets for two free beers last night but they didn’t have the kind I wanted


I was at Famous Footwear for an hour and couldn’t decide what sneakers I wanted for the gym =(



The orange I had for lunch wasn’t as juicy as I had hoped


my cell phone battery doesnt last as long as I want it to while I seamlessly stream cd quality music

my 40" flat screen isnt big enough.


My hundreds in computer upgrades arrived Friday but the computer itself isnt supposed to arrive till tomorrow.


I forgot to charge both of my devices last night. I was using the iPad until it just died, now I’m on my iPhone and it only has 3% battery life. I may have to listen to the am/fm radio on my way to work :frowning: