The power-cord to my coffee/tea mug warmer isn’t long enough for it to be placed on the left side of my desk, so it’s on my right side and it feels uncomfortable and awkward.


We have no students this week and I have PM hall duty during regents today, of course I forgot my laptop. So now I need to use my iPad or my iPhone but I don’t think the outlet is close enough to keep them plugged in a my desk out there.

Pretty much, I’m going to be miserable.


We can’t figure out which Lotus cars to bring to the auto show in a couple weeks…




I just purchased a 75" 4K ULTRA monitor for my office and when the Time Warner guy installed the outlet on the wall he made it crooked. No one will ever see it but it is crooked!!!


My new thermos keeps my coffee too hot for too long. I can only sip it throughout the morning.


There’s gotta be an app out there for this. Oh, that’s right. Wrong phone.


Funny guy…


Air bubbles in my honey wheat bread left holes for butter and jelly to fall through. Taking it back to the store.


My furnace is only 95% efficient.




Noone likes the paint job on my 500 hp Cadillac :frownyface:


Noone cares about your 500hp Cadillac.




Coming from the miata owner.


Shots fired!


I had to reach into the mystery water in my kitchen sink so that i could find the dishes that need to go into the dishwasher.


Ugh, that is honest to god the worst shit ever.

Is is that a tomatoe floating or was that rehydrated egg?


Tomatoe? Ha! You’re Canadian aren’t you?! I knew it!


Noone cares about your 20 year old “super car” :stuck_out_tongue: