My snow blower wouldn’t start this morning so I had to get out my backup Toro from 1974


Haha you know what? My iPhone has the language set to UK because I like when Siri talks to me like that <3

But I’ve been finding out that auto-correct changes things to the Canadian/British way of spelling things lol.


For me^


Wow. Never heard it called that…but you are correct.


That is why you should sell it to me. Haha


You wouldn’t know what to do with that kind of power.


Yeah I know, probably feel like driving a stock 93 escort by comparison. Get bored quick.


My kegerator is empty and i had to buy beer in bottles


I was so warm on my drive in today that I had to open the window to cool off.


Very similar to the “My heated seats get too warm”


Had the whole week off, nothing to do because it was too cold and everyone else was at work.


^ and you probably would have had off Thursday/Friday if it wasn’t already break.


@Gus Your uncle brought some bomb chocolate cake to work today and I have no milk to go with it. :frowning:


Yeah I figured as much, I got a call yesterday saying our building was closed today, no staff to report.



Having to put slightly less crisp $100 bills between brand new $100 bills so they don’t stick together when counting.


I wonder if he made it himself. That man is one hell of a baker/cook.


@Gus I’m not sure, but it was legit. There was some leftover and I wanted to take a slice home. He was telling me about the venison sausage that him and Jake made. It sounded sooooooo good.


Just about spit out my french vanilla cappucino!


I don’t even remember posting this?
Should that be a problem?