My wife is pissed. I got the Honey Maple Ham sliced thin and the regular Sahlens Ham off the bone sliced thick. Got it backwards. How am I going to make this up to her?


Stick the ham to her, if you know what I mean!


Ordered too much food for the party. Now my fridge is filled with leftovers


Went out to my parents house in Holland on Saturday and I had to put it in 4wd to get up the hill on their road.


I had to go back to work today.


Partridge Rd?


Sanders Hill. Its the kid of road where if its really bad out you think twice about going down it and taking the long way around instead.




Right. Not a town to be in without 4WD.


The woodstove in my cottage is oversized, and it was too warm in there for a bit this weekend.


Not sure this qualifies, especially if it’s your primary residence.


2nd home. As an added first world problem, I had to snowshoe to get there.


I bought myself and my coworker Tim Hortons coffee this morning. He wasn’t here today so now I have to drink both coffees


My car was too low for the poorly plowed drive thru this morning…and they were out of cinnamon buns.


I did not have a pocket protector for ‘Pocket Protector Thursdays’

I had to make one, so I made it out of foil tape, slightly smaller then standard, and angled so that I can fit it
between the buttons of my shirt vs. the in pocket standard as I never put pens in pockets. It is now also
rated to 300 degrees F.


This. Neither of my summer cars can go through the carwash so I have to get out and hand someone money to wash them by hand. Ugh.


I need to update from my iphone 5 and can’t decide between the iPhone 7 or samsung s7/edge. Ugh


I have 6 garage door lifts but only 3 buttons in my car.


Wire two lifts to each button.


JEEP is in for fix.
Mercedes has mouse nest in AC fan, needs to go in for fix.
F250 is in for fix.
RS7 -Trying to save 100 OCT race fuel and don’t want to commute with it.