Florida condo collapse

Watching this on the news and it’s just crazy. From the pictures I was trying to figure out how much actually collapsed and it’s a lot more than I thought from the pictures they’ve been showing.

Here’s a picture of the collapse. Looking at it you’re probably thinking the building was pretty symmetrical so it’s one small corner that collapsed:

Here’s a google satellite view. The building wasn’t at all symmetrical. Basically everything in the red rectangle is gone:

This happened at 1:20am so you know a ton of people were likely home and asleep.

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That flash in the beginning is going to raise a lot of questions. Was it the electrical as the collapse started, or was something in that section of the building that exploded. Very interesting to see what the cause of this was.

Going to be a lot of inspections going on down there now for the surrounding buildings to see what they look like I’m sure.

There’s a lot of weird little flashes but I don’t know if it’s just because it’s such a crappy video turned into an even crappier gif or what. I’m sure a lot more will come out in the next 24 hours. That’s a huge collapse to just happen out of the blue.

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Wait, was this an occupied building??

Yes, almost full occupancy. Now they’re saying 51 people unaccounted for. Considering each floor pancaked into the next all the way to the ground the odds of finding survivors isn’t looking great.

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Thankfully they pulled a boy out alive already. Hopefully more to follow but I haven’t seen any updates yet about addition people being found yet. The video is pretty crazy of what they at least have. The one part of the building almost looked like it was going to stay standing, then dropped a couple seconds later. Nuts.

Yeah, that video is terrifying. I was hoping it didn’t all collapse at once and people would have had time to evacuate but that didn’t happen.

Curious why that person was shooting video. The camera is moving around so it’s not security camera footage.

If you look right at the beginning, that is a recording of a computer screen (you can see the edges), looks like it might have been a security camera.

Yeah, maybe they added the bouncing around trying to crop/zoom or something? Just weird to see a security camera move around that much.

I think it’s actually the person holding what I’m assuming is a cell phone to record the computer screen. Based on the start when you see the edges of the program window, I think its the cell phone moving, not the actual camera recording the incident but I could be completely wrong.

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That makes sense. Also explains why it’s such a crappy video.

They’re up to 99 missing now. :frowning:

Someone had a security camera setup in their condo in the building, but they only use the place for vacation. It recorded some of the collapse and emailed them before it lost connection.

That seemed like a textbook demo video.

It will be interesting to see how they come up with a cause.

There must be a bunch of nest cameras etc in there.

Side note. McAfee didn’t kill himself last night.


Fox has some construction company owner wildly speculating as to the cause and the comments from engineers ripping him apart for being a moron are classic.


?? This one maybe


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LoL I was more talking to @JayS

Sounds like the 35 rescues, 2 were from the rubble the rest were from the structure that is still standing. Insane that this happened.

Also not good that a storm is coming.

Yea, but I looked it up when he posted it.

I’m no civil engineer, but I bet there is a text book out there with a chapter or two on why civil engineering standards exist to prevent disasters.

Edit: shit. I even posted the wrong link

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