focus>2g DSM

GREAT race, i totally didnt expect to win…well heres the story:

so i was on my way home from my g/f’s the other nite, cruisin along mindin my own bisiness, when i look into my rear view mirror and notice some bluish headlights gainin on my pretty quick, as it rolls by me at about 50 and im doin 40 i see its a black eclipse with bodykit/rims/exhaust/altezzas,etc., and we just so happened to see the next light turn red. so we both fly up to the light and slam on our brakes and get up to it rollin about 10mph as it turns green again so we both slam 1st gear and fly off. right from the start i pulled a little and by the time i grabbed 2nd with a nice chirp i snagged a half car length and by the end of 3rd a full carlength. i honeslty didnt think i was goin to win cause DSMs run better times than foci do stock, and this one had AT LEAST an exhaust…guess i owe it to my sct xcal2 and my header-back/65mm tb and CAI combo

it was prob. a gs. you might as well have raced a neon.

good kill!

yay 420A!!! YAAAY!

nice kill

u should race /\ that dsm

Eclipse GS and RS = Dodge Neon…good job tho…u show that ricer who’s boss

ive raced a neon before and lost though thats the thing…i raced intense98rt and he took me pretty good, by about 2 carlengths right off the dig. could my tunning really make THAT big of a difference?

isn’t the r/t motor different then the regular base neon, im not a neon guy so i dunno

same motor, different tranny

hey atleast you won!

yea but neons are quicker… they have less weight. was that eclipse automatic? or maybe he just didnt know how to drive

the eclipse motor is a 2.0dohc… engine code 420a
low model motor for the neon is a 2.0sohc engine code s4re
upper models including r/ts have the 2.0dohc… no the engine code isnt 420a… its d4re

A kill is a kill, regardless of the cars involved.


Meh, either way, it was a 140hp 2800lb car.

But a kill is still a kill.

Damn… I may have to look for those cars lol…

But the way I see it… he felt his car was ready to line up… he lost. Game over.

I’m sure you can easily swap a different engine, or boost it etc…

So noone has any idea what the other guy is running unless he tells him.

hopefully by nextweek the focus should be able to pull many more car lengths on that eclipse