For those that have been asking, my accident last night... *56k*

Well, last night I headed out for dinner with the little lady. I knew it was gonna rain and the company softball game was called. had it listed as “t-showers” and “rain”. We headed over to the resturaunt. About 15 minutes before we left it started to rain.

By the time we were ready to go it was pouring pretty darned good. We ran to the car. As we headed out on the streets the flash flooding had already begun. Keep in mind that Atlanta is notorious for 1) having huge sudden, hard down pours and 2) having one of the worst sewer systems in the country. Add those two together and you get this:

I was probably about 6 miles across downtown from my house. The flooding was ridiculous, all I could think was that no one was ever going to believe me when I told thme about this and I should have my damn camera. As I got closer to home, it became ridiculous and I began to find alternate routes as it was often times 2-3 feet deep, in the road! Every street had standing water on it. I saw more than one car stuck in the middle of a huge stream with water up to the windows.

The storm was leftovers from Cindy, and it did quite a number on the area, doing over $40M in damages Atlanta Motor Speedway (see, God hates NASCAR too!) and taking out a local airport.

Thankfully I was able to find a wide (and high) sidewalk to get under the subway tracks that I needed to cross to get home and was having no luck finding a way around. After MANY detours I finally got to where I felt like I had made it. I seriously was beginning to wonder if I would, or if I’d guess wrong and hydrolock the engine.

Anyway, I turn onto my street, we’re happy to be home and all of a sudden… SLAM. I hit something, huge bang, the car flys sidways about 45 degrees. I recover and am right in front of my driveway. I pull into the garage to see wtf just happened.

I get to the passenger side rear and this is what I see instantly.

I go back outside to see wtf I hit. I was going about 20MPH but it was a HARD hit.

What do I find in the middle of the street? This

I’m guessing the storm surge pushed the cover out of the hole and when I came through I went right in. I called the cops and the insurance company and put the cover back in the hole.

I come back to look at the damage and can’t get the rim off the car. Its worse than it looks in the pictures.

Major rear suspension damage. The car being quattro I’m going to assume that at the very least the rear axle is toast. I’m also going to assume that there is a strong possibility for rear diff damage. This has the potential to be a very expensive fix. Not sure if there is any serious damage to the underbody, didn’t look much.

Here are some shots how it sits now, waiting for a tow :frowning:

Oh yea, and the front bumper got ripped off and the lower front valence is gone.

In case you wondered if I exaggerated about how close I was to home, here’s a shot out my 2nd floor window of the fucker

Anyway, insurance saved my ass. I ALWAYS tell people that they need to pay for insurance (and full coverage) because when you don’t pay now, you WILL pay later.

I have a $250 deductible that will probably end up getting covered by the city of atlanta (insurance company is going after them already) and rental car coverage which got me this

I’m aiming for man holes now with this thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Thankfully I’m fine, and so is Monica. I’m also thankful that I have an understanding boss and I’ve been able to stay home and deal with this today. Of course, my first thought was “fuck, this can’t happen I have too much shit to do at work”. Then my second thought was “fuck, I can’t have a beer until the fucking cops show up” I figured alcohol on my breath was all I needed when they showed up even if I was at home :lol:


We shall see what happens, still waiting on the tow truck.

Remember, INSURANCE WILL SAVE YOU. This will easily run into the thousands of dollars, esp. when I add in the rental car and everything. Not worth the $20 a month I would have saved by cheaping out on my coverage.

I need another beer, I’m all worked up again.

Ugh, I’m sorry dood… like I said, i have suspension sitting here for you…

Thats quite a story

sucks about your car

nice turnsignals ricer

glad ur ok walter

Word, glad you weren’t hurt man… Sucks it got your a cunthair from your house instead of on the mean streets of Hot-lanta… There are a few things that rock about an accident…

  1. You get new shit to replace the broken shit. I had my front bumper cover that was scratched and fucked, ailing wheel bearing, cloudy headlight and a bunch of suspension parts replaced when I got into mine.

  2. You feel like you get some sort of return on the thousands you’ve spent over the years on insurance premiums…

everyone keeps saying that. leave me alone. my amber ones burned out, all I had was rice bulbs, and I’ve been teh lazy for over a year and haven’t replaced them :shoot:

reason #1123012309 youre a moron not to have full coverage…

there ya go buddy

but seriously, that’s a sad story…that kind of stuff always happen, just when you think your home free the gods have ta fuck with ya.


sorry to hear bout the car man but you are damn right about having full coverage. speaking of which i walk out my door this morning to find out my basketball net wanted a closer look at the Z. it fell on the passenger side smashing the window, bending over the top of the door pillar, scratching and denting the rear quarter, and bending the door hinge so i cant close my door now that its open!! im sitting waiting for the tow truck to pick it up now and take it to the body shop. at least it will only cost me my deductible. me and that basketball net had words

oh wow…that much rain is definitely no good…

glad you came out alright and sorry about your car…

tire, wheel, spindle, all 4 control arms, both hub bearings, possibly the hub itself, the rie rod, and the cv shafts plus all the smaller stuff like the caliper thats now pinned all the way to one side, bolts, possibly the strut and its wishbone, brake rotor ect ect

wont be anything frame related except the subframe if its fuxored … make sure the man hole cover didnt hit anything between the front and rear wheels tho … or that it didnt fuck up your rear bumper

BUT the differential itself is near impossible to drestroy. ive seen AT LEAST 25 audis that got slammed right in the wheel , shoving the cv shaft right into the rear end / tranny … and the cv shaft bends causing now damage to the diff / tranny

just make sure that you tell them you want to see how the lower air damn fits BEFORE the ins company signs off on that bumpre being fine … and make sure the bumper snapes intoplace and stays properly … Darkstarrs bumper pisses me off cause its always popped out

my opinion= shreeded airdamn + bumper ripped free of mount at the end = replace the bumper and make sure its blended into both fenders

also make sure your rear subframe isnt jacked around, it DOES bend, sometimes quite easily … if its damaged the ONLY option is replacement

/rant from working at schmitts for 5 years

you have AWS like me.

Damn that sucks man. You have been having some pretty bad luck down there. Im pretty sure if I were to ever come down and visit, bad things are bound to happen.

Enjoy beating the piss out of that RAM. You will be a redneck in no time.

I’m thinking about buying a gun rack tonight and finding me a confederate flag for the front plate holder.


Smart man - insurance is just that: insurance. And good idea waiting on the beer, although I bet the second they left you probably worked a sixer :lol:

You and girl are alright, car can be fixed. :tup: Now pass me a beer! :stuck_out_tongue: :beer:


sorry to hear about the car. hope you get it back soon.

at least the sox are still winning…lol

but a huge :tup: to insurance

Wow that sucks.